16 thoughts on “Well Done, Grasshopper

  1. Debbie, you’ve been very missed, my friend, but I’m so happy to read that your time away were well-spent!

    I too have become a morning person, which is such a shock to me because for years and years I was strictly a night owl. Now, I do still enjoy nighttime because I love after the sun goes down. I love the darkness. But over the past several years, I’ve learned to really enjoy the quiet and inspiration I receive from mornings.

    “Focusing on social media first leaves me too drained to give my novel the attention it needs.”

    I so agree! Which is why I’ve cut back considerably from the time I spend online, socializing. And in doing so, I feel more creative.

    ” For me, a day off now and then does wonders for my outlook (and productivity).”


    Again, glad to hear that things are going well with your writing. Hope you had a Happy and Fabulous Thanksgiving!


    • So happy to hear I’ve been missed, Ron! And I’m glad to learn I’m not the only one who finds social media somewhat draining. Not that I don’t enjoy the interactions — I do! — but when “real” life calls, we must make ourselves available to that, too.

      Thanksgiving was lovely but on the quiet side. I’m not complaining! After far too many years of hectic, large gatherings, my inner Debbie is ready to chill a bit. I hope yours was wonderful, too, and I can hardly wait to catch up on all my online friends’ doings for the past 30 days! xo

    • Oh, you darling, organized person! Anybody who does as good a job with spreadsheets as you do is probably an excellent outliner. Maybe you’ll part with a few suggestions to help me get past the mental block the word ‘outline’ invokes in me (probably because of one too many English teachers, ha!)

  2. I tend to be an edit as I go type, even though I can outline to beat the band. My problem with an outline is that I often don’t have a clue where I’m headed. Or, more correctly, I think I know where I’m headed, and then things go all wonky.

    Anyway — do what works best for you, and don’t worry about the rest of it! You’ve brought to mind one of my earliest posts, too. I haven’t read it in years, but I do remember the title, which may give you a chuckle: “No Mo’ Wri Mo!” I wasn’t impressed with the project, shall we say.

    • Linda, I abhor outlining. Even the tiniest hint of structure makes me wince! That said, I know a novel needs an outline unless it’s to be a hot mess, so I’ve got to force myself to do one. On my next project. This one is more than halfway done, and I can’t see how an outline will finish it faster

      I suppose it’s the journalist in me who edits as I go. Others decry such methods, but they work for me. And you made some outstanding points in your post about NaNoWriMo (yep, I searched for it and was led right to it!). Writing “crap” all in the name of getting 50,000 words down in a month’s time is no better, in my opinion, than typing and retyping the word “rabbit” a hundred-zillion times and coming up with no book at all!

  3. Welcome back! I pray all your writing dreams come true. I know you can get this book written. You’ve done it before. Can’t wait until you do a post that’s says…Just finished my book!

    • Oh, THANK YOU, Tanya!! For some odd reason, the first one seemed easier (though in reality, it was way harder!), so yes, I need to capitalize on the prior experience and get this one done. And I’ll be delighted to post when I finish it. Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely!

  4. So glad that you are back to blogging. I find morning writing to be most productive especially after coffee. As ever the muse can be so fickle, but you must keep writing!

    • Thanks sooo much for the encouragement, Pat! Sometimes I wonder if other creative types need as much support as we writers do. I can’t see musicians or artists being this needy. And for sure, professions like law and medicine don’t attract the faint-of-heart!

  5. Late comments are so annoying….but I will carry on with the comment. Feel free to not to respond–I”ll only feel a bit snubbed.
    WELL DONE. All very good points (Especially about November, WTH!). Outlines are hard. I always start everything from the end. And those characters are devilish–good for you for keeping them on a shorter leash.
    I miss writing and If I prioritized my time differently I would have time to write. I did go back to journaling every morning. I wrote a few things in my head that I would like to do more with…And while it’s been said many times before I hope as soon as we nail some business things down my Muse will be as ready as I am to write again…
    Hope you have plenty of play days during the merriest month of the year!

    • I never mind late comments — I’m just tickled when people take time to read something I’ve written and to express their thoughts, so thank you, Katybeth!
      Another non-outliner? Great! I’m in such good company here. However, I’ve told myself I’m going to give an outline a real chance for my next book, so I guess I have to. I’ll let you know if it works! One thing though: getting my word-count finished first thing in the day means I get to reward myself with something, whether it be a nice cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows), a trip to the shopping mall, or just curling up for a few chapters in a good book!!

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