Waiting and Watching

Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart. ~Victor Hugo, French poet, novelist, and dramatist (Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame)

Shivering as the north wind howls

Ice clings to evergreen boughs

When will spring return?


March 20 or thereabouts

Don’t give it another doubt

This mess will melt soon!


18 thoughts on “Waiting and Watching

  1. I’ve been shivering with a cold north wind, too — but ours didn’t come with snow and ice. No wonder you’ve entered into the countdown to spring. The best news for us is that the wind blew the clouds away, so tonight’s eclipse will be visible from the whole area. I hope you get to see it, too — just keep that hot chocolate handy. (At least you have some gravel visible alongside the shrub. Does that count as progress?)

    • It definitely counts as a good thing, Linda, but it’s more from the heavy rains Harper brought than from any melting. In fact, it’s only 12 degrees right now! I wanted to see the eclipse, but no way was I going to stand out in temperatures that raw — the neighbors would have had me hauled off to a facility of some sort — so I satisfied my curiosity by seeing pictures of it. And it was truly exceptional, wasn’t it?!

      • The eclipse was great, as much as I saw. I didn’t wait for totality. I was tired, and I’ve seen so many lunar eclipses, I knew what it would look like. So, I went to bed.

        Now, here’s a question: who’s Harper?

        • Ah, that’s the name of the winter storm that brought us all that rain. The previous storm Gia was the one that dumped all the snow on us. Gotta love The Weather Channel for naming these beasts, huh?!

        • I’d forgotten that they were doing that. Most of the professional mets I know absolutely hate it — they consider it a marketing device. And truth to tell, I haven’t seen TWC for several years, so it’s no surprise I was out of the loop! If they decide to name one Linda, let me know!

  2. Debbie, so far we’ve not had much cold or snow this winter. This weekend we were supposed to get a snow storm, yet so far it’s been nothing but rain. However, it IS cold.

    You know me though, I love winter, so I’m not ready just yet for spring. I’m hoping we get a real winter soon 🙂

    LOVE your photograph!

    Have a FAB Sunday, my friend!

    • We got a LOT of rain, too, so much that a lot of the snow we’d had has melted away, thankfully! I’m not a big fan of cold weather, snow, and ice, as you know. And we’ve had such bitterly COLD temperatures with this latest storm. Single digits and temps below zero make me wish winter would hurry off!

      Hope you’re able to get some of the snow and cold you love so much! xx

  3. Debbie, my brother & I braved frigid temps to see the Blood Moon Eclipse- an amazing experience on a crystal clear starry night here. (Must confess to coming inside every few mins to swap camera for binocs – & defrost a sec or 2.) So blessed as clouds whooshed around all day, but late-night sky clear. 🌟💨🌖💨🌟

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