Jumping to Conclusions

In God we trust, all others we virus scan. ~Author Unknown

Dallas here.

You’d have thought the world was coming to an end.

My mama and grandmama were racing around the house, hollering accusations, and acting crazy.

If I’d been a bit younger, I’d have loved the commotion.

It started when Grandmama announced that one of her cleaning ladies had lifted a pair of her earrings.

And we’re not talking el-cheapo costume stuff either.

Of course, Grandmama had no proof of the theft, but she insisted the baubles weren’t where they were supposed to be. She said she’d tried them on a few months ago, and nobody had “borrowed” them, so it had to be the maid.

One of many maids, I might add, since getting one to stick around is akin to putting socks on a rooster.

So Grandmama scoured her room looking for them but found nothing.

She called Mama in on the search, but Mama didn’t find them either.

Then the Blame Game started.

Mama said Grandmama has too much junk and needs to periodically weed some of it out.

Grandmama tore apart one drawer before deeming it too much work.

Then Mama hinted that Grandmama had misplaced the earrings, and the ruckus got going good.

Grandmama said she wasn’t going in a home, and Mama said she didn’t mean that.

Then they started in on the cleaning gals — how hard it is to find a good one, how many folks can’t be trusted, and so on. I’ll bet the ears of those maids were burning good by this time!

Mama was calling on St. Anthony, finder of lost things, when Grandmama wondered aloud if she’d placed the earrings in her safe deposit box at the bank.

For safe keeping.

Mama didn’t remember taking them there, and neither did Grandmama.

But it was moot because the bank isn’t open on weekends.

So everybody spent a restless, sleepless two days.

Even me.

Because I’m a Sheltie, people, and I’m very sensitive to my mama’s moods.

By Monday, I was plumb exhausted and ready for a nice snoozle.

But not Mama.

She went to the bank first thing, and there in Grandmama’s safe deposit box were the earrings!

Imagine that.

Maybe next time they won’t be so quick to blame the help (but that’s always the first place to point at, isn’t it?)

Never say, “oops.” Always say, “Ah, interesting.” ~Author unknown

17 thoughts on “Jumping to Conclusions

  1. I’m so glad you found the earings. My Mom hides her jewelry and then forgets where she hides it so often that I bought a tile for her jewelry bag. Works like a charm. My grandmother (an avid card player) use to say. “Trust everyone but always cut the cards.” I go on the premise that people are honest. Simple because if I were cleaning houses, I wouldn’t steel why would I expect other people too. Maybe I am naive, but we hire a lot of people for our home-based business –and (thank you universe) nothing has ever been stolen.

    • Perhaps that’s because you’re not OLD, Miss Katybeth?? My grandmama had one maid steal cash and another stole some of her prescription meds. You’d think she’d be gunshy by now, wouldn’t you? Mama, too, would like to give folks the benefit of the doubt, but once burned and all that. We’re glad your experience has been happier!

    • P.S. those home safe’s Amazon sells are a good inexpensive investment and can fit in a closet–you can bolt it to the floor but it’s doubtful a cleaning person would walk off with the whole safe. And let’s not forget age aside your grandma has your Mom’s observations powers on her side!

      • Thanks, Miss Kb — you’re spot on! Why didn’t Mama think of a safe?? I’ll have to get after her for becoming too lazy to think about anything but that dumb book she’s trying to write, ha!

  2. Hallelujah, Dallas! Thanks heavens the earrings were found – safe and accounted for. Whew!

    I really like John W. Howell’s idea about writing down what when she places something in the safe deposit box. That’s a really great idea because that way it will be a reminder not only for her, but also avoid having Mama get concerned and upset.

    Always enjoy reading your posts, Dallas!

    “Never say, “oops.” Always say, “Ah, interesting.” ~Author unknown”

    LOVED that!!!

    Tell Mama I said hello, okay?

    • Mr. Ron, YES! I’m for anything that will keep these two on an even keel. My poor old dog nerves don’t need them hollering and thinking the very worst about people. You’d think that wouldn’t happen, but they’ve been stung before, so they’re a little leery of getting stung again.

      Don’t you love that last quote? My mama found it online somewhere, and she insisted I use it. Not the sort of thing you’d want to hear your surgeon say when he’s got you open though, heehee!! xx

  3. Dallas, as long as they don’t misplace you, everything else will work itself out eventually. But I do think keeping a list of what’s in that safe deposit box would be a good idea. Of course, then you have to remember where the list is, but at least losing the list wouldn’t raise so many anxieties!

    • I wholeheartedly agree, Miss Linda. And a list is something Mama could keep on her phone (minus the access information, of course!). I don’t think she’s too likely to lose her phone, not as much as those things cost these days!

      • Yea. Well. It’s not likely that a reasonably smart, competent woman would leave her wallet in a convenience store restroom and not know it for a day, either. Is it? (Yes, I got it back, thanks to some very honest people. It certainly made my weekend trip more interesting!)

        • Oh, dear. Well, at least you got it back. That could have been a nightmare — not only losing the money but also fretting over losing your identity. Bless those honest folks who saw it and did the right thing by turning it in!!

  4. Oh, Dallas, these humans, eh? What a rigmarole – and over something as silly as earrings too!! It’s not as if someone had stolen the dog-treats, which really would have been a dogastrophe!! Clearly, what they need to do is to give you all their valuables so you can guard them…

    I hope you’re getting more sleep now they’ve calmed down – a dog needs plenty of rest if he wants to look his best!

    Love, Tommy & Tuppence x

    • Tommy and Tuppence, you two are just brilliant!! Why can’t humans stress less over the dumb stuff and focus on what’s really important, which would be their fur-buddies’ comfort and convenience?! But you know, I sure don’t want the responsibility of guarding their “treasures.” And only a Poodle looks halfway non-silly wearing gemstones, ha!

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