Another Attempt

An old dog, even more than an old spouse, always feels like doing what you feel like doing. ~Robert Brault, American writer

Dallas here.

I told Mama you were probably tired of her dumb haikus and Sunday gems by now, and it was time for me to let you know what’s really important in our world.

Mobility, or rather, the lack of it.

Everything was going just fine. Mama removed that horrid shower curtain barrier keeping me away from her while she was working on her computer, yakking on the phone, or playing her flute. The holistic glucosamine was helping my old hip joints.

Life was good.

Then Mama went on a sister trip and stuck me at the kennel. No stairs, but no Mama either.

And don’t ask me how, but she forgot to pack my glucosamine so I was what they call “stoved up” when she came to fetch me.

And this time, I really couldn’t get up the stairs so I decided to play on Mama’s guilt over abandoning me and demanded she taxi me up. Worked fine until her chiropractor and my dog-tur cautioned against it for our safety.

Hmph, what do they know?

Anyhoo, the other day Mama raced off to the local home improvement store, returning with all sorts of odd-looking items which she put together thusly:

She says it’s a DIY doggie-gate, one I can’t get through no matter how hard I try — and trust me, I’ve tried!

It’s made of PVC pipes and plastic garden netting, strung together with zip ties. It extends across the entire stair opening, even wrapping around the sides and tucking neatly under the bannisters.

She can slide it aside to get through or gingerly climb over it, but I can’t.

Now I have to listen to Mama’s flute from afar while staring her down through these holes.

Like a common prisoner.

Shame on you, Mama.

I thought we’d be together forever.

11 thoughts on “Another Attempt

  1. oh Dallas, so sorry for the new intimidating doggie gate, but hopefully your mama knows best in protecting your hip hurts from those injury-waiting-to-happen stairs, She is made of tough mommy-love, ‘cause how can anyone resist your adorableness? Hugs (careful ones) – 🐶💞🤗💞🐶

    • Oh Miss Virginia, I Dallas know Mama’s made of tough mommy-love! She’s certainly hanging tough on this dumb ole gate. I keep hoping she’ll “forget” and leave it partly open so I can sneak through, but no such luck, Sigh.

  2. That’s one creative — and apparently effective — gate. Carrying a book, a load of laundry, or a bottle of wine or down stairs is one thing. Carrying an adorable but full-grown pooch is another. Trust me — the gate is better than a Mama-in-traction, or a doggie-in-traction, for that matter!

    • Traction?? Yikes, Miss Linda, I Dallas never thought of that — though I should have. Actually, I don’t think my mama would drop me, but she just might trip on those stairs by herself. Hey, maybe I can convince her she’s safer carrying me than she is taking the stairs alone. Hmm, good idea — I’ll let you know if it works *wink*

    • Mr. John, I overheard somebody who used to run a daycare explaining this type of gate to Mama. I didn’t think she’d be able to do it, but those folks at the home improvement store were only too glad to help her. Doggone it!

  3. Dallas it’s soooooooooooo good to read your again, boy! I look forward to your posts!

    ” dog-tur ” HA! You are so clever. That made me laugh out loud.

    Hey, I gotta say that I really like the looks of your new DYI doggie-gate. How creative Mama is! I really like the use of not only the PVC piping, but also the plastic garden netting. It’s looks like it does the job well, but also light-weight and easy to move around.

    That final picture of your is so dang sweet. As I’ve said countless times before, you have the most adorable face of any dog I know.

    Great post, Dallas! Hope your hip is feeling better. Please tell Mama I said hello!
    X to you both

    • Mr. Ron, YOU wouldn’t be able to resist my sad puppy-dog eyes peeking through that fence, would you?? Mama, on the other hand, is just plain mean. She catches me watching her and gives me a wave and a grin. Humph! I don’t want to be grinned at; I want to be by Mama’s side.

      Yes, she says the gate is easy to move around. Maybe for her, but not for me. I’ve tried nosing it into submission, but that’s a no-go. Don’t worry, I’ll keep trying! I outfoxed the shower curtain and have high hopes of beating this one, too! xx

  4. Aw, Dallas, we’re so sorry! But we’re sure your mama is doing it for your own good, and I bet you get extra treats and cuddles to compensate! Maybe if the glucosamine kicks in again, she’ll set you free again. Old age is no fun for us little animals, is it? Meantime, please tell your mama to be very careful about climbing over the gate! Our servant is very worried at that thought! She doesn’t even enjoy it when Tommy hilariously tries to trip her up every time she goes down the stairs – humans have no sense of humour!.

    Love, Tommy and Tuppence 😺😺

    • Good to hear from you two, Tommy and Tuppence! Yes, I definitely watch Mama when she hops over that gate she made. She’s got the thing constructed so she can slide it in and out without having to pole-vault over it, but sometimes she gets lazy and climbs. That’s when I can feel my little heart pound! I sure don’t want to see her land on her face. And Tommy, I know it might be fun to try to up-end your servant, but please, you don’t want her in the hospital — no food or treats then! xx

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