A June Wedding

We need beauty because it makes us ache to be worthy of it. ~Mary Oliver, American poet

She arrives at the chapel, her heart in a flutter.
Today, at last, is her wedding day.
Her bouquet is a medley of cream and butter;
Her gown a snowy vision in applique.

Her best friend approaches, tears in her eyes.
“Things will be different, you’ll see.”
She shakes her head, denying such lies
And pledges lifelong friends they’ll always be.

The music swells, her dad takes her hand
And together they step down the aisle.
This day is going just as she planned
Her lover awaits with a radiant smile.

When sacred vows join a couple in love
It’s a union of bliss blessed from above.


Note: My first Sonnet — Woo Hoo!! June is traditionally the most popular month for weddings. Nothing like that is going on here! I simply took a photo of the Popcorn Drift (R) Rosebush in my front yard and was stunned at how much it resembled a bride’s bouquet. I guess the weather conditions are perfect for it this year because it’s a mass of blossoms.

11 thoughts on “A June Wedding

  1. Ah… I thought perhaps Domer was taking the plunge! I must say, that mass of roses is beautiful. There’s not a florist around that could produce anything better. And a sonnet, too? I’ve never tried my hand at that — you did very well, indeed!

    • Why, thanks so much, Linda! I was afraid people would think Domer was the subject here, but I couldn’t think of anything but “wedding” when I looked at that rosebush. He, of course, has friends with 2019 nuptials, but they’re all later in the year. I don’t know why but the sonnet form has always scared me. It just feels too lofty a goal for my puny poetic attempts, but I decided to give it a go anyway — I’m glad it was a decent first try!

  2. *thunderous applause*

    Debbie, BRAVA on your first sonnet! It’s so beautiful and touching! And so is the photograph you coupled it with (which DOES look like a wedding bouquet!). Bellissima!

    You are such a talented (and diverse) writer. And you do each thing well.

    Yes, we too have had a lot of beautiful blooms here. The weather has been very nice. Rather cool, which surprises me because early spring is was SO hot and humid that I thought June would be a scorcher.

    Hope you’re enjoying a fabulous Sunday, my friend!

    • Ron, do you know I’m blushing over your lovely compliments?! Thank you so much, both for reading and for being such a dear! Wouldn’t this have made a gorgeous bridal bouquet — minus the thorns, of course. We planted this bush a couple of years ago, and I must say, this is the prettiest it’s ever looked!

      We’re supposed to get some of that cooler weather this coming week, and I can hardly wait. It’s been extremely muggy here, probably the result of all those spring rains and flooding, and a break would be mighty nice.

      Happy Sunday; Happy workweek! xo

  3. Delightful sonnet, Debbie! And yes, I did think maybe you were telling us that there was going to be a wedding in your family! 😀 The picture does indeed look like a bride’s bouquet – lovely flowers.

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