Signs of Fall



Like dew drops

Dotting my bush

And letting me know

The spiders were busy

During the night as I slept

Creating works that would rival

Some pieces that are in museums.

Silken treasures that speak softly of Fall.

Note: This poetic form is an Etheree, a 10-line poem that starts with one syllable and adds a syllable in each succeeding line until there’s a total of 55 syllables. It can go from one to ten or in reverse from ten down to one, or can even double up and down both ways. I had to challenge myself to write one since my friend Linda writes some beauties!

P.S. My son Domer will be home next week, so I’ll be playing hooky from the blog. I’ll try to catch up with all of you when I return. Don’t start October without me!

16 thoughts on “Signs of Fall

  1. Debbie, when I saw your post title on my reader I smiled because you KNOW how MUCH I LOVE FALL!!!

    *doing the happy dance*

    What an awesome poem, as well as your spider web photograph! That is so cool!

    I just got home from doing a little grocery shopping and I was delighted to “feel” that the air today is cool and not a drop of humidity. It’s the first day when I can actually feel the beginnings of a shift in seasons and I am so happy about that because summer was horrendous here. Long, and very hot and humid.

    Wishing you and Domer a wonderful next week. I bet you’re so happy and excited to spend some time with him. Have a grrreat week, my friend! xo

    • Ron, I too love Fall … and it can’t get here soon enough for me! I’m eager for cooler days, free from all that mugginess! I bought some mums to sit outside yesterday, and they really make things look like Fall. I think y’all are supposed to have a couple of really nice days coming up, so I hope you’ll get out and enjoy them!

      Glad you liked my spiderweb poem — thanks for telling me so! Yes, I’m looking forward to the Domer’s visit. It’s been a while since I had a chance to “spoil” him, ha! xx

  2. Look at you! I’m so glad you tried it, Debbie — it’s a fine Etheree. The photo’s wonderful on its own, but it pairs wonderfully well with the poem. Spider webs are magical, and they’re even better when they’re decorated as these are.

    I’m glad you’ll have a break with Domer. Enjoy the time. Do you have anything special planned, or just general hanging out? I suspect that just being able to relax and enjoy one another — and Dallas — will be quite enough!

    • I’m so glad you found my Etheree acceptable, Linda! I suppose it’s good to challenge ourselves every now and then, to step outside our comfort zone. Not easy, for sure, but worth the time and effort, especially if we find we please others in the attempt.

      No special plans here. Domer does have some work to catch up on, as well as some appointments. I’ll work while he’s working, then we’ll kick back and find something fun to do.

      I was watching The Weather Channel this morning, and oh my. Please take care of yourself in all that flooding from Imelda. Looks like we need to send you a nice cool front pronto, something to sweep that rainmaker away.

      • I’m fine — most of the worst is north and east of us today. Yesterday, Galveston took it pretty hard, but as long as we can avoid the freeway feeder roads and underpasses, it’s ok in my area. It has been raining continually, though, and I’m not at all pleased about losing an entire week of work.

        • So much rain! I can’t imagine where it’s all supposed to go either. Some of those areas are pretty low-lying to begin with. Glad you’re hanging in there, and I know it’s hard losing a week’s worth of work, but it will all be there for you when you get to it. Stay safe!

    • I hadn’t heard of an Etheree either, but when Linda (above) pointed the style out to me, I just knew I had to give it a try. I suppose it appeals to my Virgo organization skills, kind of like being boxed in with rules. Some would rebel, but it just felt comforting to me!

      No parties? Well, don’t go that far, FF — just be sure you save me some cake if you decide to throw an Autumn Equinox fiesta of sorts!!

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