A Rainy Saturday

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American poet

Cold and rainy day

Good for cleaning out closets

Or taking a nap.


Note: No, I didn’t take a snooze. In fact, I was a whirling tornado, tackling some cleaning chores too long put off. I cleared away clutter; made stacks to be shredded, stacks to donate to charity, and stacks to be trashed; and I used Monday morning to parcel out my handiwork. I can see this is the tip of the iceberg, but already I feel amazingly free! Eliminating clutter is one of the principles of Feng Shui (the Chinese art of placement to harmonize individuals with their environment).

14 thoughts on “A Rainy Saturday

  1. Debbie, we had that same kind of day here on Sunday. And like you, I pretty much did the same. Don’t you just love days like that? I find them both relaxing AND productive. I also love days like that for making soup, stews, or pasta dishes. Comfort food 🙂

    ” I feel amazingly free! Eliminating clutter is one of the principles of Feng Shui.”

    You said it! I’ve always been a minimalist, but even more so now. It’s such a freeing feeling!

    Have a great week, my friend. I can’t believe it’s almost the end of October. Looking forward to November, cooler weather, and watching the leaves change.

    • I was flabbergasted at how GOOD I felt when the day was over, Ron! I mean, just knowing how many others were going to benefit from my “throw-aways” was gratifying, and getting closer to a clutter-free zone made me feel fabulous. As you said so well, it’s a “freeing feeling!”

      I’m glad you mentioned the leaves changing. That reminds me, I’ll have to do a post on some of our Fall color (which we’re finally getting to see). I was afraid the lousy weather conditions would keep the trees from donning their Autumnal gowns, but I was wrong!! xo

  2. I love the haiku and I’m impressed by your energy, but that photo knocks me out. That blue reflection is really sort of strange. It must be that the concrete is affecting the light somehow, but I’ve never seen an effect like that. Well done!

    We have rain coming for tomorrow, and I have exactly the same agenda for the day. I knew it was time for a couple of reasons. The first was finding a brand new computer keyboard under the bed. It still was in its box, and I have no idea when I ordered it, or why. At least I have a backup.

    The other curiosity was finding the Kindle I thought I had lost. It was on a shelf in the coat closet, tucked between two cans of polyurethane and my blaze orange hunting cap. I have no idea, but I think it’s time to give this place a real going-over!

    • Thanks, Linda, for your kind words. I promise I didn’t touch the photo up one bit. I was rather surprised and pleased at how well it came out, considering the rain and all.

      Lucky you, finding not only a brand-new keyboard but also your Kindle! Know what I found — that I wouldn’t have found without my clean-up day? The notice the state sent me to renew my auto registration (license plates)!! It was buried in a stack of junk, which just goes to show you have to go through everything or you’ll toss out something valuable!

    • I’m not even close to being done with my de-cluttering, but something tells me I’d be way better at de-cluttering for someone else. Too often, memories creep in when you’re trying to get rid of stuff, and emotions complicate matters. ‘Tis hard to throw out “special rocks” Little Domer picked up in the outfield when he was supposed to be playing baseball, for instance!

        • Oh dear. It’s the memories I have such trouble letting go of. Logic tells me they’re impressed upon my heart, but there’s something so tangible about flipping through a school yearbook or re-reading letters!

  3. It does feel wonderful to attack those things that need addressing, doesn’t it, Debbie? I’ve been so caught up in “other” that clutter has accumulated and boy that bothers me. Things in my life have settled down, thank goodness, so you know it, I’ll be doing what you did. Good for you!!

    • I’m delighted to hear that I’ve inspired you to tackle your own clutter, AmyRose! The only advice I’d give is to wait for a nasty day — one where the weather is mostly intolerable so you won’t be tempted to get outdoors. If I haven’t used something in five years, it’s fair game for removal, too. Happy cleaning!!

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