Wacky Wednesday

Milton (on left): I’m not moving.

Otis (on right): But I want to go north, and you’re in the way.

Milton: Too bad.

Otis: C’mon, bro, humor me. I’d move for you.

Milton, snorting: Yeah, right.

Otis: Really. Don’t you remember I moved yesterday so you could tightrope south?

Milton: I don’t remember that.

Otis: Well, I did. Now, move!

Milton: Nope. Not happening.

Otis: So how can I get over you to the pole?

Milton: Hm, let’s see. Pole vault?

Otis: You’re kidding, right?

Milton: Guess you’ll have to wait til I decide to move.

Otis: Oh, bother. I’ll just drop to the ground then.

Milton: Wait, there’s a dog down there!

Note: No squirrels were harmed here. Otis dropped to the evergreen, then went on his merry way. Milton left when he felt like it.

13 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. Debbie, being a huge squirrel-lover, I found this absolutely brilliant! And hilarious! If squirrels could talk, you really captured what I imagine they would sound like.

    Well done, my friend! And thanks for the Wednesday morning laugh!

    • So glad you enjoyed it, my friend! Squirrels are such fun to watch. Dallas enjoys chasing them, but when I found these perched on that wire and my Sheltie inside, I slipped out to snap their picture … without fear he’d grab one. Not sure he’d know what to do with it if he did, but you never know, ha!

      Enjoy the rest of your week! xx

  2. Hahaha! Brilliant! It reminded me of these awful single-track roads where somebody has to be the one to reverse back to a passing place – not me! I never did master the art of reversing in a straight line… 😂

    • We’re fortunate NOT to have those roads here, FF. I suspect they wouldn’t go over very well — too many folks become stubborn bulls when behind the wheel! Nevertheless, my dad insisted I learn to back up on deserted country roads — for what at the time seemed long distances — in a stick-shift car. ‘Tis far easier nowadays, ha!

  3. What a great capture! That’s pure essence of squirrel, for sure. They’re cute, and smart, and rambunctious, but they can be stubborn and cranky, too. Luckily, this pair was smart enough to find a way out of their standoff!

    • Linda, I’m thrilled to hear I captured squirrel-chatter! As I recall, you had a squirrel-pet growing up, so I can trust you to know what their personalities are like. These two sat on that wire for a LONG time, looking each other over and trying to figure out their dilemma. By the time I tired of the show and went back inside, “Otis” was scampering off and I could practically hear “Milton” saying he’d won the standoff! Good thing Dallas was inside.

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