A Gift for You

I really don’t think I need buns of steel.  I’d be happy with buns of cinnamon.  ~Ellen DeGeneres, American comedian

Dallas here.

Mama says you’ve all been such good blogging buddies this year that she’s decided to give you a gift.


No, wait.

Not me for real, but me in a video.

Workin’ it.

On my treadmill.

I’m up to six minutes these days, but Domer (my videographer) and Mama (my leash-holder) refused to film my entire walk.

Huh? What’s up with that?

I told them I didn’t see how you’d lived all this time without watching six full minutes of ME, burning the fat.

Building muscle tone.

Looking adorable.

I told them I’m an old dog (actually, I prefer the term “senior pup”), and having just turned 13, I ought to win this debate.

They said two ‘no’ votes cancel out my one ‘yes.’ And they’re both older than 13.


I guess you’ll have to content yourselves then with a measly 30 seconds of my cuteness.

But I’m getting the last say-so.

This Interweb-thingy lets you hit the Play button as often as you’d like.

Take that, Richard Simmons!


Note: Mama and I are taking a few days off during the holidays. The Kid will be home, and there’s a feast to prepare, presents to be opened, and football games to watch. Have a wonderful Christmas, and we’ll see you back here in early 2020!

14 thoughts on “A Gift for You

  1. Oh Dallas! You are so handsome! And so stoic on that treadmill. Let me tell you a secret…you mom and the kid probably can’t do 6 minutes on that thing. You are a rock star! Katie says she will send you a copy of her contract for one photo, one treat in hopes that you can pick up some pointers to put together a contract for treats while you walk on that thing. She thinks it’s only right that you get paid. She says you should hold out for triple the treats you get for other things.

    PS: Mama here. I think you are amazing!

    • Miss Dawn, you’d be wrong! My mama walks FAST on that treadmill every day for a full half-hour; the Domer doesn’t use it that often, but he practically RUNS on it. That’s why Mama is so insistent I exercise, too, I guess.

      I’m totally open to receiving Princess Katie’s contract. Treats would be heavenly, and I think she makes an outstanding point that I should get paid for walking on the “Dreadmill”! Happy Christmas to all of you!

  2. Dallas, thank you for sharing your video! Your over-the-top cuteness & senior pup status both serve as inspiration for those of us in the 50+ crowd to walk our legs a bit more. A very Merry Christmas to you & your mom & Domer! 🌟🐾🎄🐾🌟

    • Aw, Miss Virginia, thank you so much! I’m eager for Mama to show my video to my dogtur and prove I’m really exercising. Mama says it’s too cold (and snowy!) to walk outside, so I’m “lucky” to have the treadmill. Right. Something tells me I’d prefer a nice snooze, ha! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. I still think this is amazing. I should (I might!) keep your video as encouragement to do the same thing myself. The new year is coming, and the need for resolutions lurks — it looks like you made an early resolution! (Or had it made for you.) Tell your people Merry Christmas, and keep on truckin’!

    • Miss Linda, you just go ahead and keep my video handy. I’m glad to hear I might be an inspiration for you to do more walking. Mama says we all need to exercise, especially dogs who like to eat treats as much as I do. Humph, that’s plain silly. Treats are just food, and who doesn’t need food to have the energy to exercise?! Here’s hoping you have a lovely Christmas, ma’am!

  4. Dallas, please tell Mama that your video is probably my most favorite gift of all time! You. Are. ADORABLE! And I’ll have you know that I watched it three times!

    You GO, boy! For 13, you still look young and very much in tip-top shape!

    “Take that, Richard Simmons!”

    OMG…that cracked me up!

    Wishing you, Mama, and Domer a faaaabulous Christmas! Enjoy your time together!

    Cheers and X

    P.S. Oh, and I loved the quote you shared at the top of this post. LOL!

    • Three times??? Oh, Mr. Ron, you’ve made my day! I’m going to tell Mama she has to reward me BIG TIME with cookies if she’s going to turn me into an Internet Star!!

      Don’t you LOVE Richard Simmons? He’s just so enthusiastic, and Mama says he’s done a lot of good for a lot of people struggling with weight.

      Happy Christmas to you as well, and thank you for watching my video! xx

    • Thank you for stopping in, Mr. John. I’m glad you enjoyed my video (probably way more than I enjoyed that walk, ha!) No, seriously, I don’t mind it too much … providing Mama doesn’t forget to reward me with a treat afterward. Merry Christmas to you and you family, too!

  5. Dear Dallas,

    We think you look so cool on your treadmill we’re almost thinking of telling our servant we want one – almost. But we’ll have a little nap first and think about it!

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas filled with family and treats… and our servant says to tell your mama she hopes the same for her.


    • Oh Tommy and Tuppence, do think long and hard before trying to convince your servant to get one of those treadmills! Once a thing like that is in your house, you’ll be stuck with it — and I’m betting you, too, would have to exercise on it (so they can reap all the rewards of having purchased something like that, you know).

      Happy Christmas to all of you; here’s wishing Santa Paws will load your stockings with yummy treats!!

    • Thank you, Miss Cindy! Now that most of our snow is on the melt, I Dallas am happy to see this “blizzard”!! Mama, Domer, and I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas!

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