Looking Forward

Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day. ~Michael Josephson, former law professor and attorney

Another year gone

Twelve months in front of us all

Time to get it right

10 thoughts on “Looking Forward

    • “Better” is good, Linda. And you’re right — we certainly have high hopes at the beginning of a new year. Especially one that’s also the beginning of a new decade!

  1. Beautiful post, Debbie! The photograph you selected goes perfect with the inspiration you shared.

    LOVE the quote too! And I truly believe that–“finding the opportunities hidden in each new day.” I often discover some of the best opportunities (surprises) to learn and grow throughout my everyday experiences.

    Happy Opportunity New Year, my friend! x

    • You, too, see the world as filled with possibilities, don’t you, Ron? I tend to be an optimist. It seems to me that if one looks on the bright side of things, one can’t help but be grateful — if nothing else, that things aren’t any worse than they are!

      Here’s to a year full of wonderful possibilities! xo

    • Argh — typos! And even with helpful things like SpellCheck, we still manage to make them, don’t we, FF? And lately, I’ve found ALL kinds of errors in published novels, so they’re not immune either. Ah, well, we can hope!

  2. I get a bit intimidated when I think about all those days ahead that I should fill responsibly…not waste. Then I realize as the year goes on that I can only do one thing at a time and if I do the best I can with each day, well, a day or two ‘wasted’ isn’t really a bad thing after all.

    I’m even more overwhelmed when I think of all the years already behind me. Can’t fathom how that happened.

    • You know, Dawn, even a day we might consider “wasted” because of the scarcity of things accomplished, wasn’t for naught. We probably needed the rest — physically or mentally — and so just sitting in a south-facing window with the sun streaming on your back can feel heavenly.

      As for the years behind, don’t look back!! It’s the dogs I feel sorriest for — their lifetimes are so short. But we’re NOT even going there!!

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