Real elation is when you feel you could touch a star without standing on tiptoe. ~Doug Larson, columnist and editor

Seeing my first book

On the shelf of our library

Just makes my heart soar!

22 thoughts on “Happiness

    • Thanks, Dawn. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I’ve been a library-geek for most of my life, and seeing my book shelved locally is a humbling experience.

  1. *thunderous applause*

    Congrats, Debbie! That’s AWESOME! I am so proud of, and happy for you!

    Makes my heart soar as well.

    Have a super Sunday, my friend! X

    • Thank you, Ron. I suppose, because as a kid I had a library card from a very young age (and read practically everything in the kids’ section!), it just means a LOT to know other folks in my hometown can now read something I wrote. It’s like when I was a working journalist, and somebody would let me know they’d read something I’d written in the paper and enjoyed it.
      Happy Sunday to you — are you finally getting some SNOW??? xx

    • *blushing furiously* Thank you, my friend. It might just mean a little more knowing the head librarian asked me for a copy, too, rather than my having to force it upon them, ha!!

    • Thank you, FF, for bringing me back to Earth, heehee! Book Two actually is coming along. It’s my goal (not New Year’s Resolution, for most of us fail at those by mid-February!) to finish it by year’s end and so far, I think I’m on track. We will see. It would be awesome to have TWO side-by-side on that shelf!!

  2. I am so excited to know a real live book author!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! What an accomplishment! I hope this one will go far and the next ones are on their way in the near future.

  3. Good Stuff! Of course my wife doesn’t need to see this because it would give her more ammo for me to get started on a book. I got that look the other day that spouses give to each that says ” if not now when”?

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