Get Up!!

The sun has not caught me in bed in fifty years. ~Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States

Red sky at morning is indicative

Of bad weather to come, so they say.

But oh, what beautiful sky scenes

Such reds, golds, and purples bring!

Who can lie still in bed

When beauty abounds?

Not me! No way!

Phone in hand

I snap




To the east

At a sunrise

That was so gorgeous

It took my breath away.

Everything was bathed in pink —

Houses, fences, trees, lawns, and more

Glowing a shimmery shade of rose.

Making me glad I was up to see it.

Note: Poetry form is a Double Reversed Etheree. You can find out more about this form here.

15 thoughts on “Get Up!!

  1. Debbie, I am very impressed by how you created this Double Reversed Etheree. After reading, I clicked over on the link you left and read the variations of this poetry. WOW….well done!!!!

    And it’s funny because yesterday morning I got up very early (before sunrise) and sat looking out my apartment windows as the sun came up over the city, while sipping my morning coffee. I don’t often do that, so it was such a treat!

    Your photo capture is stunning!

    Enjoy your Sunday, my friend!

    • Ron, when I was in college, I was a night owl, but after I entered the working world, I quickly became a morning person. There’s something so refreshing about experiencing the world when it’s clean and new!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my Etheree. They’re definitely a challenge to write, but we all need to challenge ourselves now and then.

      Enjoy your Sunday … and the week ahead! xo

  2. What a glorious sunrise you captured, Debbie. And what fun, that you tried and succeeded so well with a double etheree! They’re harder to put together than appears from their “simple” form, and you really did a bang-up job with this one!

    • Ah, Linda, what high words of praise — thank you so much! You’ve written so many lovely Etherees that I’ve enjoyed reading. I find myself still a bit self-conscious putting any of my poems online, but perhaps that’s how we writers build up a tougher exterior?! Glad this one passes muster!

  3. Wow, that was some morning sky! I have seen sky like this a few times, none due to my own efforts…always due to a little fuzzy girl who wants to go out early. I’m always grateful to her when I find myself out there in this kind of light.

    • Dawn, I’m not sure my picture does the sky justice. It truly cast a rosy color over everything, and I couldn’t get outside fast enough to capture it. In fact, I left one confused Sheltie inside while I was out snapping away!

  4. Wonderful, Debbie – poem and picture both! What a fantastic sky! There’s something so gorgeous about red skies even if they are a warning of things to come. And the etheree is great – well done! A perfect pairing. 😀

    • What lovely words, FF — thank you! I’m glad to share our beautiful sunrise and my Etheree with you. We’ve had more than our share of gloomy, gray mornings this winter, so the colors were a special treat.

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