7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Debbie, I think you already know of my LOVE of squirrels, so I LOVED this!!!!

    Lately, I’ve been spending many of my afternoons outside in our parks, just to get some sunshine and fresh air because the weather has been beautiful. Yesterday, I brought a big bag of raw peanuts with me and sat on a bench feeding the squirrels. Urban squirrels are very different than suburban squirrels, in that they are very used to being around humans, so they have no fear of running up to you and taking food out of your hand. At one point, I had about eight squirrels standing all around me, munching on peanuts.

    I was in HEAVEN!

    Thanks for the smiles, my friend. 🙂 Great photo!


    • What a cool story, Ron! I can just picture you sitting on a park bench, surrounded by a flock of hungry, chattering squirrels. For somebody who loves the little guys, this must have been heavenly! They really eat out of your hand? Oh, that’s something I’d love to experience.

      Glad you enjoyed a peek at this little one — have a wonderful week! xo

  2. You’ve got one, too! My cute little squirrel turned out to be a girl, and eventually I saw a second one who is a boy, so now I have five of these roaming around, challenging the gray ones for peanuts. It’s not quite a three-ring circus yet, but they’re working on it!

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