Squirrel, napping

A nap on a warm day, in the shade, with a breeze, is one of the great pleasures of being. ~Terri Guillemets, American quotation anthologist


Me a

Nice nap on

A winter’s day

Nestled in the crook

Of a big maple tree

With the warm sun on my back

And a gentle breeze in my face

And no barking dogs to annoy me

A squirrel’s life is the best life for me!

Note: This form of poetry is called Etheree.

A Squirrel’s Journey

Once upon a week in June
A squirrel thought he’d try
To test his acrobatic skills
Across a cable high.

“I think I can.”

Peering at the ground below
He saw something furry.
Something reddish, something loud,
Something in a hurry.

Squirrel swallowed hard and flicked his tail
Deciding to follow through
On plans to conquer tightrope fear
By walking in plain view.

“I think I can.”

The Sheltie barked, the Human clicked,
The little squirrel pressed on
And midway ‘cross the wire so high
The squirrel thought he was gone.

“Uh-oh, easy does it!”

Gathering courage, the acrobat
Continued to make his way;
Step by step he journeyed forth
Despite the annoying fray.

“So near, yet so far.”

And oh, at last, the little squirrel
Found safety in his quest
Another power pole in sight
To offer needed rest.

“YES!! Happy Dance!”

A squirrel’s life is brief, they say,
Two years, or maybe three.
So wouldn’t they be better off
Staying in tall trees?