Beauty Abounds

We need beauty because it makes us ache to be worthy of it. ~Mary Oliver, American poet

Oh my Azalea

How big and lovely you are

Wish your blooms would stay


13 thoughts on “Beauty Abounds

  1. Bellissima, Debbie!

    Azalea’s are so beautiful, aren’t they? And I love all the various colors they grow. Not far from where I live there is an azalea park, dedicated to white azaleas. When in bloom, the park looks like it’s covered in snow.

    Have a fabulous Sunday, my friend! X

    • Ron, I bought two white azaleas last year; one died shortly after planting, and the other is barely limping along. I’m babying it because it was so beautiful when I bought it, and I want to see that loveliness again.

      The pink one pictured is considerably more established (think: several years). Some years, it doesn’t bloom as much as this one though. Regardless, I love having it!

      One of these days, you’re going to take a photo of that white azalea park for us, aren’t you?!! xo

  2. What fabulous color, Debbie. If that azalea was growing in my yard, I’d want it to stay, too! You managed to contain a lot of beauty and a lot of appreciate in your haiku!

    • Thanks so much, Linda. I guess I got it to pose at the right time, for it’s been gradually dropping blossoms ever since. They’re pretty with their glossy green leaves, but there’s just something almost magical about one in full bloom!!

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