Hungry Hawk

When the stomach is full the heart is glad. ~Dutch proverb

Here I sit, watching and waiting

For something to move in the field.

I’m not choosy; I’m not rating.

Whatever moves will be my yield.

The corn is gone and all revealed:

Tender mouse, squirrel, and bunny.

Oh happy day, the bell just pealed,

Dinner is served and it’s yummy!

Note: Poetry form is Huitain.

27 thoughts on “Hungry Hawk

  1. I was lucky enough to watch a hawk swoop into a nearby tree week before last. I was sitting at my desk, and just happened to look up at the right time. I got a few photos of him, although there still were too many leaves on the tree for a really clear view. Your photo’s a good reminder that there are some aspects of autumn that are nice: like being able to see what’s going on up there in those branches.

    • This isn’t a particularly clear view of him either, Linda. However, I was afraid that if I opened the door to get closer, he’d take off and I’d miss my chance! When Dallas was here, I used to be very cautious about hawks circling overhead. Reason told me Dallas was far too heavy for a hawk to scoop up for dinner, but I’ve heard of them snatching tiny pups and kittens, so I wasn’t taking any chances. I still view them with respect.

  2. Both the photograph and your words….WELL done, Debbie!

    As I’ve shared many time times before, you are such a gifted writer because you have the ability to express yourself in many different genres.

    Have a superb Sunday, my friend! X

    • Aw, Ron, you’ve got me blushing — thank you for your kind words of praise! I don’t know why this one seemed to demand that I write it in poetry form rather than a rambling story, but here we are. Glad you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful week ahead! xx

  3. Good morning, hungry hawk. “Whatever moves will be my yield.” Of course my mind is moving to metaphor and how the Holy Spirit can guide us to the next moment by whatever moves. OK, may be stretching it a bit here this morning! Thanks, Debbie.

    • HaHa, here I was, thinking on the literal plane, Kathy, and you’ve gone all spiritual on me — well done! Isn’t it interesting how the mind works? I suppose that’s why they say words can be dangerous. We must consider carefully what we say — and how we say it — or others might misinterpret. It sounds as if the Holy is quietly urging me to become a more careful writer — and that’s a GOOD thing! Thanks for giving me something new to extend my comfort zone.

      • Oh my, Debbie, I think I am quite often challenging people outside their comfort zone! But I think the literal plane is cool, too, as it teaches so much. And hawks are so magnificent. xoxo

        • Those who believe in animal totems believe Hawk is the messenger of the spiritual world. They invite us to focus on the task at hand while taking more initiative. xxx

    • I don’t even want to think about him getting a bunny! Let’s just go with mouse, okay? There’s a big open field behind my house, and with eyes as sharp as his, this hawk has free rein to hunt until his tummy’s satisfied. Hmm, wonder if he’d even eat a veggie burger??!

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