I Got Balls!

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. ~Chinese Proverb

I’m probably the last person in the civilized world to learn this — and if you’ve known it forever, just mosey on down the road, trying not to snicker too loudly — but laundry is lots more fun when using wool balls!

What are wool balls?

They’re about the size of a tennis ball, white wool in material, and are designed as a natural, reusable fabric softener for the laundry.

Now for years, I’ve bought those dryer sheets that supposedly smell good and make your laundry soft, less clingy, and less wrinkly.

And I thought they were doing a good job.

Because my clothes did smell good, and things felt soft enough.

But recently, I read online that there’s some kind of chemical in dryer sheets. Something that coats your clothing with a greasy substance and actually makes your towels less absorbent.

Say, what??

How many loads of laundry have I done over my life to date? And I never realized I was putting nasty chemicals onto my clothing and linens via dryer sheets.

No wonder I have allergies!

So when I read about the wool balls, I knew I had to give them a try.

I bought a two-pack and tossed them into the dryer with a full load of clothes.

They made an interesting thumping noise when they hit the sides of the drum, but generally, I didn’t find that annoying. I kind of liked the idea they were rolling around in there, separating the washed items so they’d dry more efficiently, thus saving electricity and money.

When the timer sounded, I opened the dryer, and my clothes were soft. Towels were fluffy and absorbent. No static cling. No wrinkles. And not much lint produced on the screen-thing.


And I didn’t have to search all over the place for that wadded-up dryer sheet either.

Yep, I’m a happy customer.

Now it’s your turn — have you heard of wool balls? Have you tried them?

32 thoughts on “I Got Balls!

    • You really should!! I’ve been using them only a few weeks, but I’m very satisfied. My towels, which I thought were screaming to be replaced, are fluffy and absorbent again, and there’s none of that static cling. They don’t have a scent, so if you need that, I’d recommend a laundry detergent other than the cheapie brands.

  1. Debbie…..LOVE your post title!!! LOL!

    And it’s so ironic that you posted about this because I’ve seen those balls in the laundry room of my apartment building, but had no idea what they were. I literally thought one of the tenants had washed their tennis balls. HA!

    I used to use dryer sheets, particularly in winter because of the static cling you get during the colder months. However, I did, in fact, notice the “film” they left on my bath towels, but didn’t know why? So thank you for sharing that information. I now use laundry detergent (Tide) that has a built-in fabric softener, therefore I no longer use it separately. It smells fabulous!

    FUN and informative post, my friend. Really enjoyed! Have super Sunday.

    I’m making some nice homemade soup for dinner tonight. Perfect for this colder weather. And you know how much I love the cold 🙂


    • Ron, I knew you’d love the title — in fact, when I typed it, I told myself that if nobody else “got ” it, you for sure would, ha!

      These things do look like tennis balls, only in white. And they really work! The info tag that came with them said they typically last for something like 500 washes. Sure, they’re a bit more costly upfront, but when I consider how many dryer sheets I was using, I think these balls are a better investment.

      Mmm, homemade soup — sounds yummy, especially as it’s getting colder outside. xx

  2. Oh wow, Debbie, no I have not heard of wool balls. I do not use softener because I have been aware of chemicals they contain. I have terrible allergies and I don’t particularly want to have substances on my clothes that are not good for me. I will have to give those wool balls a try. Very very cool!! Thank you for the information!! xo

    • Amy, I, too, have allergies, and I have to be very careful about lotions, chemicals, and such. I always liked the smell of dryer sheets, so I had convinced myself they were doing the job. But when I read about wool balls, I knew I had to give them a try. I’ll gladly sacrifice Jungle Gardenia scented clothes for not having to scratch myself raw!!

  3. OK–winner headline! Love those teaser titles. I have heard about the dryer sheets being bad for you but have always used the non-allergenic more “natural” ones. Are those bad for you too? If so, may just have to try those wool balls. Thanks for the tip.

    • I can’t answer that question, Kathy, because I just don’t know. I’ve heard too many horror tales of folks who ruined a prized piece of clothing because of dryer sheets, so I’m a bit gun-shy. These wool balls (and no, I’m NOT getting any compensation from the companies who sell them!) seem perfect all around!

  4. Haha, these little discoveries always add a little joy to life! I haven’t tried wool balls but I use kind of plastics balls with sticky-out nodules which do the same thing – and yes, they make an interesting thumping sound too as they go round… 😀

  5. I’ve read about them in several places, but I’ve never tried them. Now that you have and are so enthusiastic, I will. The company that I buy my soaps and lotions from (Indigo Wild) also has laundry products — all organic botanicals. I was going to place a small order, so I’ll just add these. I’m anxious to see how they work! (And I didn’t know that about dryer sheets.)

    • Linda, I really wasn’t cognizant about the dryer sheets either. I guess I just assumed that was the only option if you wanted laundry that smelled nice and didn’t cling. Imagine my surprise at learning there was a wonderful natural way that, for me at least, would prove better! I hope you like them, too!!

    • I got mine at WalMart, but they’re available on Amazon, too. I’d guess they’re available at places like Bed Bath & Beyond and the Container Store, as well.

  6. Debbie, I’ve never heard of wool balls for the laundry, but I will definitely check them out. I don’t use dryer sheets with towels, but I use them with clothes – your wool balls sound like a better idea especially if they can make towels softer. Thanks for this helpful tip! – Virginia : )

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