Late Summer Posies

How magnificent the flower becomes as its youth passes! Even the flowers have their setting sun. ~Auguste Rodin, French sculptor

Autumn is in the air … finally.

The sun’s rays aren’t quite as penetrating, daylight hours are shrinking, the night sky is alive with different constellations from those we saw in May and June.

Sadly, what was dangled before our eager eyes — a return to normalcy after the pandemic of 2020 — has just as quickly slipped away, thanks to new strains of the virus. Awful news from abroad, unrest here at home, and global weather emergencies only serve to dampen our spirits, threatening to strip us of hope.

But beauty never fails to cheer. So, before the season passes, I’m going to share with you some of the pretty plants in my yard. May they make you smile the way they do me!

32 thoughts on “Late Summer Posies

  1. “Autumn is in the air … finally.”

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Yes…it’s finally in the air, Debbie! When I went online this morning and my Google browser opened, I saw the Autumn themed graphic and cheered!

    And you’re right, there is a lot of extremely sad things going on not only in this country, but abroad as well. Yet as you shared, there is also a lot of beautiful things to be happy and grateful for; that make us smile.

    Your photo’s are gorgeous! And I’m amazed by how colorful and plentiful the plants in your yard are. They almost look like mid-summer images. We have remnants of summer here in the city, but not as much as where you are.

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, my friend. Definitely made me smile! 🙂

    Happy Wednesday! X

    • Ron, you know Autumn is my favorite season, so I’m happy as a clam it’s finally arriving! I feel a tad sorry for the spring/summer flowers, though. They’ve graced us with their happy presence for months, and now, it’s time for their final sleep.

      Thank you for noticing these flowers’ beauty. I’ve tried to take good care of them because they do such a fantastic job of cheering me up. (And even Debbie Sunshine isn’t immune to the bad vibes all around her, ha!)

      We’re sending you a bit of rain, followed by a nice cool front. Enjoy! xx

  2. What a great collection of colors, Debbie! One of the images — the one of the pink and white striped Dianthus — brought a chuckle as well as a smile. My Prairie Podfluffer isn’t the only unusual bird flitting about! Look on the right side of the flowers. Doesn’t the one with the bit of brown, fading flower look like a little bird perched in there? I know. I’m crazy — but it sure did bring a smile.

    By the way: I’m very happy indeed. The front rolled through, and it’s cool, breezy, and dry. Going to work today is going to be pure pleasure.

      • Dawn! I’m honored you stopped by my little blog, seeing as how you’re out-of-pocket for a few days. Thank you! That cold front really put a nip in the air. I imagine football games will feel much nicer now that it’s cooler out, and Monkey seems to have even more energy. Enjoy your travels!

    • Linda, I hadn’t noticed the little bird, but your eagle eye doesn’t miss things like that … and I thank you for pointing it out. Yes, indeed, it does look like a bird! And did you notice the odd white thing on the lower right side of my Vinca (the white ones with the deep pink centers)? Looks rather like a bird stretching upward in flight. Funny the things we notice, if only we keep our eyes open (and indulge in a bit of whimsy!!) I’m delighted our front made it safely down to your area — enjoy the coolness!

    • Thank you, Laurie. Having seen photos of your lovely gardens, I know you can appreciate Nature’s beauty, too. It’s almost sad they don’t last forever (maybe I should’ve planted perennials, ha!)

    • Not sure our trees will show much fall color this year. The weather conditions have been positively weird — up and down temps, drought to flash flooding, etc. Oh well, we’ll see. Perhaps they’ll surprise me!

  3. Thanks for those, Debbie! It’s always soothing to remember that things might be going wrong for humanity at the moment but nature is still doing her thing and will still be there when we finally come out the other side of this horror story.

    • Amen to that! I appreciate having free will and a mind to think with, but there’s something to be said for “ignorance is bliss,” huh?!? I look at Monkey, and he for sure doesn’t stress over things like the economy, politics, climate change, and all the rest of this world’s woes. Nor, I imagine, do T & T!!!

  4. How nice to see all the beauty around your place. Thanks for taking the time to share all those lovely flowers. Fall is really in the air here this morning. There is a frost warning but won’t hit us so near the lake–but it was 37 degrees when we woke up. Yikes!

    • It was in the 40s here this morning, but walking Monkey, I found it a tad warmer (though still wonderfully crisp). Yes, it won’t be long before frost indeed is on that punkin, ha!

  5. Sharing your sense of sadness about the endless pandemic and other awful news… But thank you so much for sharing the beauty of your flowers! They did make me smile 🙂 and brought a little ray of sunshine into my dreary morning! 🙂 (It’s so humid and it’s raining, but the flowers do love that!)

    • I’m glad they helped brighten your day! And we all can take a lesson from the flowers around us: simply bloom where you’re planted and don’t worry about the rest of things. (Of course, we refuse to allow ourselves the luxury of doing that all the time, but once in a while feels okay!)

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