That’s Music??

Here’s to Music,
Joy of joys!
One man’s music’s
Another man’s noise.
~Oliver Herford
, English writer and illustrator

Monkey here.

I’m here to complain LOUDLY about that thing Mama calls a flute.

She brings it out Every. Single. Day. (well, almost) and blows on it forever (I can’t tell time, but it feels like forever).

Now some of you might not know it, but a flute-thing has a wide range, from low notes to high ones.

And it’s the high, screechy ones that get on my last nerve.

Besides doing lessons (at least until the cold weather prohibits it), Mama plays in something called symphonic band. I have no idea what that’s about, but she takes that flute-thing off in her car and is gone for ages.

And when she comes back, she’s all happy and stuff. Whistling and singing, even. And she gives me a treat for being good.

I’m just glad I don’t have to listen to that flute-thing. Every time I hear her practice, I bark, howl, and try to make music of my own.

I think I carry a nice tune, but Mama says it sounds like somebody’s pulling my legs off. Huh.

And she’s threatened to have Domer record it when he comes home for Christmas.

Before the weather turned cold, Mama used to go to the garage and practice in her car so I didn’t have to hear her. Sometimes she’d send me to the back yard so I could chase squirrels.

Now she’s got a little fan that she turns on High to drown out the din. It doesn’t work, of course, but I’m not going to tell her that.

I don’t want her freezing in the car.

Anyway, Mama’s got lots of music to practice for band, and most of her pieces are in the high and screechy range. I wonder if there are other mamas who leave their pups to go and do band? And if they, too, have a screechy flute-thing?

Must be horrible, all those flutes in one room screeching like a flock of angry birds.

Mama said you might be interested in hearing three of the songs they’ll be playing for their concert in December (since you can’t attend and all). There are a few others, but these are the hardest — the ones Mama practices the most.

I’ll let her do the linking while I look for a trash can to rummage through!

Amparito Roca by Jaime Texidor

Shenandoah by Frank Ticheli

English Folk Song Suite by Ralph Vaughan Williams

P.S. Mama says I should wish my predecessor, St. Dallas, a happy 15th birthday in heaven. I won’t dwell on that cos she gets all teary-eyed and stuff. Love, Monkey

30 thoughts on “That’s Music??

  1. I laughed and laughed at this. First, I laughed because I remembered my long-suffering mother when I took up the clarinet in third grade. When I practiced, she kept disappearing. I don’t know what that was about, but I have my suspicions.

    Then, I laughed in recognition. Eventually, I got better with my clarinet, and was part of our all-state band. We played Ralph Vaughan Williams’s Folk Song Suite, and I really enjoyed it. I haven’t listened to it in ages, so being reminded of it was all good.

    Now, I have to ask. Do they make doggie ear plugs? You might have your mama check online!

    • You were in all-state band?? Mama is pea-green, Miss Linda — that’s one she missed. And you know how hard that William’s piece is, especially for woodwinds.

      Doggie ear plugs? Hmm, I’ve never checked, but I’ll have Mama look online and see if she can find me some. I’ve got to get away from that screechy flute-thing!

  2. “I think I carry a nice tune, but Mama says it sounds like somebody’s pulling my legs off. Huh.”

    OMG Monkey, that made me laugh out loud! You are such a funny doggie!

    I feel the same way about bagpipes. The sound of them makes me go crazy. That, and the sound of a harmonica. Whenever I hear either of them, I feel like someone is stabbing my ears with an ice pick. LOL!

    Tell Mama, I enjoyed the first music link she shared. I’m very familiar with “Amparito Roca.”

    Thanks for the morning laughs, Monkey! Wishing you and Mama a super Sunday! X

    • Mr. Ron, Mama’s junior high band took Amparito Roca to contest — and got superior ratings, to boot! She loves that one. Aw, who am I kidding? She loves all of them — perhaps if I could hear the full band, I’d have a greater appreciation for them, too.

      I Monkey have never heard of a bagpipe or a harmonica, but going by your description, I don’t think I’d like them either. Funny, I don’t mind when Domer plays on the piano though. Maybe I’m just a finicky sort of pup! Licks and hopes for a good week to come! xx

    • Miss Kathy, I AM in another room — but that screechy flute-thing carries all over the house! At least Mama turns on a couple of fans to drown it out — and sometimes, the washing machine or dishwasher help, too. Maybe I can send her to play in the park in her car? Nah, she’d be too cold. It’s just not easy, having a screechy flute-thing to contend with.

  3. Try to look at it this way, Monkey: to your mama, playing her flute brings as much joy as chasing squirrels does to you. We all make sacrifices for those we love, even if we don’t get it. 😉 I am enjoying listening to the music links as I write this. Thanks for letting mama share them.

    • ‘Sacrifices’? Hmm, I Monkey don’t know that word, Miss Barbara. I’m just a pup, and the concept of being happy for Mama while my ears are ringing isn’t fun. Mama says she’s glad you’re enjoying the music.

  4. Poor Monkey! With such sensitive dog ears, I can’t blame you for howling. Once upon a time, we had a Sheltie named Seamus who would howl over such things. My, my, Shelties are expressive. 😉

  5. Ha, of course, your sensitive ears are offended, Monkey! Humans have dulled senses, can’t see, hear, nor smell like their four-footed friends. Maybe you could go and sit in the car now, seeing you wear a warm fur coat? 😉
    I would love to see a video of you ‘singing’ along with her playing. 🙂 Maybe it’d go viral!

  6. Wishing St. Dallas all the best in Heaven – with celestial doggie treats to go with on his big day. Monkey, you be real nice to your mama, ya hear? She may need an extra cuddle (or two) today. Much love! Virginia

    • Thanks, Miss Virginia. I Monkey didn’t know him, but Mama’s already got him canonized and everything. Sheesh! As for being nice to her? Well, I’ll think about it… or not. It’s hard living in the shadow of a saint!

    • Mr. Frank, I suppose I’m lucky she doesn’t practice All Day Long, huh?? And on these nice days, she can let me outside so I don’t have to hear the screeching. But when she goes to band, I generally just take a nice snoozle (chasing her around makes for one tired pup!)

  7. Haha, poor Monkey! I think you should let her go freeze in the car – you could give her extra cuddles when she comes back to heat her up again! I love Ralph Vaughan Williams – my favourite composer – so you should at least try to appreciate that one. Otherwise, I’m sure your barking and whining is always perfectly in harmony and adds a lot to the performance. Maybe your Mama should take you along to band practice? 😉

    • Miss FF, I’d love going to band practice — all those people eager to give me cuddles (and possibly a free snack or two?!?) Hmm, yes, I imagine you’re right. Letting her freeze in the car a time or two might convince her that playing a flute-thing isn’t worth it!!

  8. Happy heavenly birthday to Dallas…. And Monkey, it is hard when people have to practice their instruments, but it also brings them joy. So just hang in there, and let your mom play!

    • Miss Ann, I do eventually settle down (after I realize that flute-thing isn’t going anywhere, ha!) And you know what? I imagine, if it came right down to it, Mama just might choose that flute-thing over me, don’t you think? I mean, she’s had it longer, and it doesn’t pee on the carpet!

  9. Oh, Debbie. How you made me laugh thank you!!! I had a sister who played the clarinet and my brothers the drums. Talk about noise!! Poor Monkey!! I do understand. And when those birthdays do come and go, I’m to the point that no matter the day whoever pops into my Mind, I think about him or her. I have SO many in Heaven!! As for you, Monkey, this is what humans do …. we get loud at times. Sorry. xoxoxo

    • Thank you for understanding, Miss Amy. I’m just a little Monkey, and I don’t know much about that Rainbow Bridge yet. Nor do I expect to find out anytime soon! Clarinet and drums? Oh my. Your family’s ears must have been worn out from all that racket!

  10. Oh Monkey, Katie doesn’t object to my clarinet at all. Not that I practice as much as I should especially since we have a concert next week. But when I do, she comes in and goes to sleep near my chair. Oh wait. Do you think that’s because she’s deaf??

    • Miss Dawn, I understand St. Dallas, too, was deaf so he curled beneath Mama when she played her flute-thing and took a snoozle. Mama says Good Luck with your concert (hers is next week as well, and she’s already getting nervous — that Folk Song Suite is hard!!)

  11. Best wishes to your mom on her concert, Monkey! Our concert is Tuesday. But last night we found out 2 of our flutes are positive for covid. I talked to one of them after rehearsal for some time last Tuesday. So I’m going to go get tested this afternoon.

    • Oh gosh, I hope you don’t catch it! We’d be in serious trouble without two of our flutes (or any other section, as a matter of fact!). Fingers crossed, you’re COVID-free, Dawn!

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