Snack time

When the stomach is full the heart is glad. ~Dutch proverb


Is a

Moth, maybe.

Or it could be

A small butterfly.

Having a fine dinner

On this pretty pink zinnia.

Or maybe this is a dahlia.

I’m not sure that knowing should matter.

I just thought you’d enjoy seeing them, too!

Note: This poetry form is Etheree (the single kind, not the double, this time).

21 thoughts on “Snack time

  1. Well done, Debbie! You have taught me so much over the years about the various forms poetry.

    Love the photo too! I looks like a moth to me (because of its color), however, you’re right…it could very well be a butterfly. Great capture!

    Happy Tuesday, my friend! X

    P.S. Enjoy the quote too!

    • Ron, as you know, I’m not a poet. However, I’ve learned so much over the past several years about poetry and all its forms — things I probably studied in school but have long since forgotten.

      I’m glad you found it interesting, and I’m glad this critter found something to snack on. With the round of cold fronts heading our way, it’s pretty obvious he/she won’t be feasting forever! No wonder he looked so satisfied. xx

    • Ah, so it *is* a zinnia, Barbara? Thank you for clarifying that. This was one of the seeds in a wildflower packet I picked up somewhere, so I wasn’t sure about its identification. The flowers included were listed on the back of the packet, but I didn’t know who was who!

  2. Look at that — it’s a pink flower! We may not be completely enthusiastic about pink, but that little insect certainly is enjoying itself. One way to distinguish moths from butterflies is that moths tend to have ‘feathery’ antennae, while butterflies’ antennae are smooth. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but it helps.

    Love the poem, and I completely agree. I try to figure out what I’m showing people in my photos, but there are times when I just can’t figure it out, so I say so, and enjoy it anyway. Not everything in life needs to be — or can be! — identified and explained.

    • Linda, I do remember the bit about the antennae (probably from Biology class), but sadly, I wasn’t able to get close enough to this wee one to see if there were feathers. It rather has the appearance of a moth, but who knows? As for the pink, nestled as it was among other colored flowers (orange, white, and so forth), it seemed to have a stand-alone feel that I appreciated. And for sure it gained the notice of our winged critter!

    • Thank you, my friend. My late dad know ALL about stuff like this. Sadly, he passed in 2008, so I can no longer ask him. He’d have known instantly what these things were. Sigh.

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