Yuck! Gross!

Silent gratitude isn’t very much use to anyone… ~G. B. Stern, English author

Monkey here.

Recently, Mama bought me a big bag of dog food and, because it didn’t have one of those self-closing flaps to keep it fresh, she dumped it into a plastic bin on wheels she’d bought for my predecessor (St. Dallas).

Like so:

But there was a problem lurking within. Check the photo again and see if you can find it. I’ll wait.


Good. For those who can’t tell (and for those who wonder if their guess was right), it’s the kibble.

Or rather, the particles in and around the kibble.

Here, have another look:

Nasty, huh?

At first, Mama blamed herself. She thought the kibble at the bottom of the bag had become the kibble on top of the bin, so that’s why there were so many crumbs.

But then she took her measuring scoop and dug around. Imagine how she felt when she saw those disgusting dusty pieces everywhere!

That’s when she called the Purina people.

They were very nice and apologetic. Denied reformulating their Pro Plan so it would have crumbs attached to the kibble. Blamed “mishandling” of the bag for the problem and promised to send Mama some coupons for a later purchase.

The next day, Mama called Chewy, which had sent her the bag in the first place.

They, too, were apologetic and sprang into action, promising to send us a brand new bag a couple of days later.


How cool is that?!

Since then, the Purina people lived up to their promise and sent us three coupons for money off on the purchase of their dog food. And the Chewy people sent us a big bag of my brand of dog food … without charge.

And the kibble in that bag was just fine:

I guess it’s true what Mama says: the squeaky wheel gets the grease. In this case, Mama’s complaining got me food and coupons (and no, we’re not getting paid by the Purina people or the Chewy people for telling the world what outstanding customer service they’ve got!).

I’m learning my Mama’s a stickler about protesting if she needs to, but at the same time, she firmly believes in giving praise where it’s due. She wasn’t interested in blaming somebody for the nasty batch of food, but she wasn’t going to let the problem fester either.

She can be a tiger, that Mama — glad I’ve got her on my side!

40 thoughts on “Yuck! Gross!

    • Mr. Frank, I Monkey don’t have an issue with Mama gifting me St. Dallas’s hand-me-downs. He had some cool stuff! Of course, Mama has bought me things no other dog has used, so that means I get double. As for the food, yes, I believe she would’ve called them because those crumbs were everywhere.

  1. Yahoooooooo, Monkey! And kudos to Mama and her persistence to get to the bottom of it.

    “I guess it’s true what Mama says: the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” I TOTALLY agree. And I’m the same way.

    I can’t get over the difference in the quality from top photos compared to the bottom photo of the new bag. WOW!

    Always enjoy your posts!

    X to you and Mama

    • Mr. Ron, I Monkey agree with you. In fact, if you hadn’t had the photos practically side by side, it would be hard to say if there was any difference between the crumbly bag and the new bag. But my mama noticed it right away, and the deeper she scooped, the more crumbly the kibble looked.

      At first, she wasn’t going to say anything, thinking maybe the crumbs were part of a new formulation, but one day, she caught a whiff of my breath and reasoned that wasn’t normal. She grabbed that phone real fast then!

      Enjoy the snow we’re sending your way! xx

  2. It’s a good thing you’ve got your Mama to look out for you, Monkey! I was worried those crumby things were larva or something. Cause I didn’t have my glasses on. The new food looks very good. Katie sends kisses.

    • Thank you, Miss Dawn. I of course always clean my bowl, and, despite my persistent tummy sensitivities, I didn’t experience any problems from the crumbs. Still, Mama said my breath was stinky, and she figured I was too young for dental problems, so it must be because of the food. Now I’m back to being sweet-smelling! Lots of licks for Princess Katie and a furry hug for you, too.

  3. Crumbs in that kind of food could be insects or humidity somewhere in the manufacturing process, but it’s good they agreed that their quality control had failed. It’s even better that you received new food. Given the shortages of cat food these days, you dogs are the lucky ones!

    • Bugs? Humidity? Yuck, Miss Linda! You’ve made this problem sound positively dreadful! I Monkey didn’t find it yucky-tasting, but there must’ve been something untoward going on. I’m glad my Mama took matters into her own hands (and now that I’m sweet-smelling again, I can give her licks!)

  4. Well, Monkey, you’ve always got something interesting going on in your life, don’t you? It’s heartening to know there are some corporations that still respond to consumer complaints and to know that your mama was willing to make a few phone calls. I always say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, too. 😉 Glad the food was okay for you and that your breath is back to normal now that it’s all gone. I guess you belong to the clean bowl club. 🙂

    • Miss Barbara, perhaps it’s because I Monkey am still so very young, and everything interests me? I’m pretty sure Mama would never abuse the privilege of complaining to customer service — maybe that’s why these people were receptive to make things right. She volunteered to send them photos, too, but they didn’t seem to want that (I guess she did a good job describing it!)

  5. The new food looks so much better. We had that problem with cat food a few months ago. Chewy is wonderful about taking care of things. Glad they were good to you, too. 🙂

    • Miss Robin, I Monkey am surprised to learn cat food can have the same problem. I guess I should’ve realized that, but I’ve never tasted cat food! I’m glad Chewy treated you right, too — Mama thinks they’re wonderful, and so do I!

  6. Sounds to me as if your mom handled that situation perfectly, Monkey! We do need to stand up for ourselves, respectfully, and we also need to give thanks and praise when things go right. If only more people were like your mom……

    • Aw, Miss Ann, that’s a nice thing to say! I’ll tell Mama and watch her blush at the complement. You’re very kind to say so. I Monkey, of course, realize she’s a pretty good mom (though she’s being stingy with the cookies, now that it’s cold out and we don’t get to walk every day. Grr!)

  7. Some companies go above and beyond for Customer Service. I’m glad that Purina is one of those. I recently opened a bottle of nail varnish that had obviously been in store far too long as it was thick and gungy. As it had been a gift I couldn’t take it back to the store but instead I wrote to OPI who immediately offered a replacement. I do agree we should complain when things are not right and give praise for such service. I have spent the last couple of days telling everybody about OPI

    • What a great story, Miss Judith! I Monkey agree completely. Companies know that consumers have choices, so when things don’t go right, they could lose a customer for life. That’s why it’s so important they get feedback. Well, that’s what Mama says, and I guess she’s right.

  8. Yuck, Monkey! Just as well your Mama was on the ball and got things sorted for you! However I feel you need some extra treats to help you through the trauma this incident has caused you. Tell Mama I said so… 🐶

    • Oh wow, Miss FF, you’re definitely on my page! Treats? Yes, ma’am, and LOTS of them! I’ll be sure to tell Mama (though I don’t expect her to willingly give ’em up, ha!)

  9. Tiger mama, and an awesome company for being so attentive to their customers (2- and 4-legged 🙂 ). It’s those memorable stories that make companies… great. We recently ordered 2 large bags of seeds, and when we opened them, they had a strange smell. We wrote Premium Gold and they immediately sent (free of charge) two new bags. Such a great company, we are loyal customers for life 🙂

  10. The crumbs on the bottom of the bag always bother me, but my Lucy doesn’t seem to mind them. I probably would have made a complaint about a full bag of crumbly food as well. But good for you, Monkey, for not being picky!

    • Thanks, Miss Tee. I trust my mama, so I willingly eat whatever she doles out. That said, when she sniffed my breath while I was eating that crumbly food and wrinkled her nose in disgust, that’s when she called the company. She’d never smelled me all stinky before and guessed it must have been the food. I guess she was right because I don’t stink on this good food — woohoo!

  11. This was like one of those Facebook challenges. I stared and stared and gave up. I was so busy looking for bugs I couldn’t focus on the crumbs. Complaining is great because the compensation is a plus. People should get what they pay for!

    • HaHa, Miss Tanya, I Monkey am delighted you didn’t find any bugs crawling around in my food — that would have made Mama’s skin crawl! You’re so right: companies should make things right when they mess up. I’m glad this one did because the good food is so much better!

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