Time for Landon to Go Away!

When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels. ~Author unknown

This week, we finally got one of those snowfalls like we had when I was a kid.

Back then, I’d have been happy to make snow angels and get a day off from school; today, the shoveling task falls to me.

Sigh. Adulting can be hard.

“Landon” arrived on Tuesday afternoon with plenty of rain, which transitioned to freezing rain, ice, and eventually, snow as the temperatures fell. By Wednesday evening, we’d had 4.5 inches of the mess.

Then came Thursday, when we got another 2-3 inches. Snow fell much of the day, accompanied by a driving north wind, which pushed the white stuff into deep drifts and made transportation treacherous and inadvisable. Temperatures well below freezing and a wind chill lingering below zero didn’t help matters.

But it was pretty.

This is Monkey’s first snow (well, at least the first one he remembers). And he didn’t particularly want to leave the safety and shelter of the patio:

Despite the nice tunnel I’d shoveled for him:

After some encouragement, he took an exploratory lap around the fence line before scurrying back beneath a patio table:

And giving me The Look:

But, because I know how much most of us love seeing photos from other parts of the world, I’ve captured a few to show you.

Enjoy, or just be glad it’s not happening in your neck of the woods!

Remember, the snow was blowing, so that’s why this looks fuzzy:

I got this one through a window to show how deep the snow is:

By Friday, the sun returned, though it was still below zero. And you’ll have to take my word for it because WordPress isn’t letting me upload any of the pretty shots I took.

Sigh. Yes, Adulting is hard.

34 thoughts on “Time for Landon to Go Away!

    • I’m right there with you, Frank! It’s beastly cold! YES, the tiny tree is thriving (I’ll have to do a catch-up post for you soon — thanks for the suggestion!)

  1. WOW, Debbie…that is a TON of snow!! This has been such an intense, cold winter hasn’t it? And it’s been all over the country. Being in a city, we don’t as much snowfall as the burbs. It also doesn’t last as long in the city because in a few days it all turns to black mush. However, I was out of city a few days ago and couldn’t believe how much snow they still had.

    Your photos are FANTASTIC! Love the ones of Monkey. What a cutie he is!

    As you know, I love winter, the cold, and the snow. However, I have to admit that I’m looking forward to Spring.

    Thanks so much for sharing your part of the world. ENJOYED!

    Have a super Sunday, my friend! XO

    • Ron, it’s so GOOD of you to drop by for a visit when you’re on a blogging break — thank you, my friend!

      I think you’re onto something about not seeing as much snow in the city. It almost feels like my little town is in the bottom of a cereal bowl — everything that comes through (and that’s a lot because Illinois is basically a flat prairie) lands here.

      We’re sending the entire system east. We’ve had it! Hope it brings you some pretty snow but none of the misery over power outages, icy roads, and so forth. XX

  2. That is a lot of snow to come through, isn’t it? Interesting that Monkey didn’t really want to play in it. There is so much adulting to be done in shoveling, scooping, plowing, etc. Those were the days when all we had to do was flop in the snow and make angels!

    • My sister lives down south and the only memories she has of snow revolve around how much FUN it was when we were kids. Argh! She doesn’t recall having to drive on icy roads, worry about the pipes bursting, fret over the power going out, and all that. And honestly, this wasn’t the type of snow one would want to lie down on and make snow angels — it was far too wet!

  3. Apart from all the ‘pretty,’ snow combined with wind can be pretty dramatic. I still remember the year in the 1950s when we were at my grandparents’ home, and a blizzard set in. When it was over, there was snow up to the roof — literally — on one side of the house, and bare ground on the other. To get a door shoveled out, my dad and grand-dad had to go out a bedroom window and work their way around.

    I laughed at Monkey’s reluctance. Maybe if you show him this video of Bailey, he’ll want to join in the fun!

    • HaHa, Bailey does look to be enjoying all that snow! But perhaps it’s because Bailey is a “slick” dog, as opposed to one with lots of fur. Shelties seem to attract snowballs, and poor Monkey is covered with them when he comes inside, necessitating a stop on the rug by the door for me to wipe him down. Otherwise, he’d spread cold, wet puddles all over the house!

      That’s a great story about your blizzard. I recall one Christmas we went south to see relatives and when we got back, some of my friends had shoveled enough snow to block our front door! My dad was not amused.

  4. Wow, those are great photos, Debbie. Poor Monkey probably has no idea what to do in the snow. Hey, Monkey. You are supposed to run around like an idiot and burrow or roll in the stuff. No? Well, it was just a suggestion.

  5. Katie wasn’t thrilled with this last storm either but she usually loves the snow. She still likes to eat it and I have to remind her she can’t eat it all. I hope Monkey comes to love it too.

    • Monkey, too, has been licking at it and trying to chomp on the icicles after they drop. Maybe a storm of this magnitude is just too overwhelming for a little Sheltie, but I’d think knowledge of winter would run in his DNA.

  6. Wow, that’s a lot of snow! Monkey was very wise to retreat to the patio, I think. Tommy dived into his first snow but has got progressively less keen as he’s aged! Being white, he disappears, except for his blobs and tail. We’ve had lots of really cold weather and storms this winter but hardly any snow. We never get it deep like that though!

    • I think, if I could choose, I’d prefer snow to freezing cold. Snow, at least, is rather pretty; it’s the ice and such you can’t drive on. I’m crossing my fingers for some melting later this week (and Monkey probably hopes so, too!)

  7. Enjoyed seeing your snow storm pictures, Debbie! That snowdrift is really piled up on the last bush — great photo! Would love to be able to read Monkey’s mind about his impressions of the white stuff…

    • Thank you, Barbara. It’s been such a mess really. I know it’s wintertime and all, but this was a LOT of snow … even for us. HaHa, I, too, would love to read Monkey’s mind — probably a lot going on in there!

  8. Oh my goodness, that’s a lot to deal with! We got snow and sleet too, but our temps never went below zero and it’s 37 degrees today, and going to hit 45 or so tomorrow. I hope you thaw out soon….and so does Monkey, I think!

    • Forty-five sounds practically balmy!! We haven’t had this much snow all at once in a LONG time. The plows were struggling to keep up with it, in large part, I think, because it arrived with freezing rain and ice. Yuck!

  9. Wow! You got hit hard! I was just griping about how it’s been SO cold here in MN and that I think I’d rather have more snow with slightly warmer temps. Looks like I’m getting my wish over the next couple of days. You know what they say. Be careful what you wish for!

    Lucy sympathizes with Monkey. Snow doesn’t feel good under the paws. My hubby runs the snowblower around the backyard to make paths so that Lucy doesn’t have to traipse through the snow, and she clearly appreciates it!

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