Growth and Changes

God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow in them. ~Author unknown

Sometimes growth and change happen in the smallest of ways. Ways nobody really notices.

Other times, the differences hit you like a load of bricks.

Most bloggers love when readers remind us to do an update on something we posted that piqued their interest. Something they wanted to fill in. “The rest of the story,” as it were.

This post will attempt to do just that.

Tiny Tree

My formerly “tiny” tree has grown and prospered through a long, occasionally-bitter winter season. See for yourself:

I set a yardstick beside it, but I was looking right into the sun when I snapped the photo, and now I realize you can’t see the numbers. Or the yardstick.


So I’ll just come right out and tell you — it’s 24 inches tall!

Who’d have thought?

I’m pretty sure the red ribbon I tied around its truck many moons ago is still there, but it’s buried under the snow. That, or some bird decided it would make a perfect doodad for its nestlings!

More good news — If you’ll look real close in my next shot, you’ll see that Tiny Tree has become a parent:

Yep, there’s a baby tree growing off to the left, beside that bigger rock. See it?

I’m definitely not happy with the location Tiny Tree has selected to grow in — next to the drainage pipe and the antenna we used to need before cable TV came along — but who am I to argue with success?

Abandoned House

Last September, I posted about an abandoned house Monkey and I often pass by on our walks.

About how deserted and lonely this limestone ranch house looked, now that its former owner had passed away.

About how hard it must be to sell houses that haven’t been well-cared-for, yet how forlorn such a dwelling must feel.

Guess what? A buyer has appeared!

As you can see from the trailer and dumpster, the new folks have been doing a lot of work — removing the unsightly bushes and overgrown weeds, re-roofing and fixing the chimney, trimming big trees, hauling out stuff too old to serve any purpose today.

When the weather turned cold, they started working on the inside. Since the house has been abandoned for so many years (at least a decade, maybe more), I would imagine they have to redo flooring, paint, appliances, cabinetry, and such.

And, depending on their desires, they might even have to knock out walls, redo the electrical system and plumbing, and certainly undertake a ton of cleanup.

But it’s nice when a house gets another shot at serving and protecting a family that wants it, isn’t it?

18 thoughts on “Growth and Changes

  1. Debbie, what a delight to read about the Tiny Tree and its growth. WOW! And it’s amazing to see just how much it’s grown. And how dang cute is that baby tree growing off to the left. It literally looks like a mini-version of the parent tree!

    And I do remember the post you shared about the abandoned house. So happy to read that it was purchased, and from the looks of it, the new owners are doing some impressive remodeling. It’s amazing to see the photo in your first post compared to the photo in this post.

    “But it’s nice when a house gets another shot at serving and protecting a family that wants it, isn’t it?”

    Yes, it sure is! It like the house has a purpose again.

    Thanks for the update on both these. Really enjoyed!

    Have a superb weekend, my friend! X

    P.S. love the quote you shared too!

    • Ron, thanks for your comments. Yes, I thought my tiny tree’s baby was just so cute … and it looks just like its parent did at that age. Funny how Nature works, huh?

      And I was super-excited to see new people renovating this house. Structurally, it looks just fine; however, it was in strong need of some TLC. I imagine renovations are challenging when the weather refuses to cooperate, but at least they can get the inside work done now and tackle the rest after it gets warm.

      Here’s to a fabulous weekend! xx

    • Thanks, Eliza! I’m sure this couple probably got it for a song, but they’re putting some money into its renovation, which is likely to make the neighborhood happy!

  2. I was certain your little tree would do well, but to have the house ready to begin thriving again — well, that’s just wonderful. It will be interesting to watch the work on the house progress. I laughed at your measurement of your tree. That’s for all the world like the marks my mom used to make on the kitchen door frame to record my growth over the years.

    • Linda, I did the same thing with Domer! I don’t know what he’s supposed to do with the measuring wall, but it’s interesting to catalog the changes. Did you keep your mom’s door frame, or just take a picture of it?

      • Neither. We moved out of that house when I was between sixth and seventh grade, and Mom cleaned that house prior to selling within an inch of its life. I’m sure she probably scrubbed it all off — and who would have taken a photo of it in those days? In our family, photos were for Christmas and family reunions — film was expensive!

        • I put Domer’s height measurements on the inside of a tall cabinet in the kitchen. Don’t know what I was thinking! Being out of sight, I suppose, is its chief good point. Perhaps I should take a photo of it before I consider moving?!

  3. Tiny Tree has really grown! I wonder if the baby tree is a child or perhaps a younger sibling planted by a creature? As they grow they might wind up disguising the drainage pipe and antenna. 🙂

    So pleased to know the abandoned house is finally getting some love and attention!

    • Barbara, you’ve posed an interesting question. Looking at the trees more closely, I think you’re onto something. I suspect the “baby” tree is the same species but dropped by a bird. I probably will let them both grow a bit and wait until the yard guys come for their recommendation on what to do with them. Maybe transplanting them to a better location would work. Of course, they’re doing so well, I hate to mess with them!

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