Standing Out

Knowing who you are is the best defense against who they think you are. ~Dodinsky, author



Stand out

Among them

Though I’m a part

Of all the others

Diff’rent — not bad or good

Just trying to be myself

Soaking water, air, and sunshine

Minding my own business as I grow

Conscious I’m the same but very diff’rent.

Note:  Poetic form is Etheree.

21 thoughts on “Standing Out

    • You pass with flying colors, Frank! Yes, I saw the photo op first and then wrote the poem. Why this single flower was tinged with white remains a mystery to me.

  1. That’s one lesson I stressed over and over again to my kids, different doesn’t mean bad or good, worse or better. I believe there is unity in diversity as your thoughtful poem so wonderfully illustrates. Thanks for sharing an important, beautiful message, Debbie.

    • Thank you, Barbara — I’m glad you liked it. When I saw this flower sticking out with its white petals, I knew it had to be captured for my blog. I didn’t know where I was heading with the poem until I’d actually finished writing it!

  2. LOVED this, Debbie! And not only pertaining to Zinnias, but to people as well.

    “Conscious I’m the same but very diff’rent.”

    We can all be the same (equal), but different at the same time. And I think our differences is what makes each one of us, special (stand out).

    Thanks for sharing your insight, my friend. And have a faaaaaabulous weekend! X

    • Thanks for your kind words, Ron! You know, I stared at this pot full of Zinnias for a long while, trying to figure out if it was worth anybody’s time for me to photograph it and write something. I think I’m glad I did, now that it’s making people smile!

      And while I was contemplating them, the Zinnias continued to grow and do their thing. Nobody was mean to the white-tipped flower; nobody called it ugly names. And the white-tipped flower, in turn, didn’t puff up and act all important and better than the others … or try to disrupt the peace of the pot. Guess we humans could learn something from that, huh?

      Enjoy the weekend ahead, my friend! xx

    • So delighted you enjoyed it, Linda — thanks for telling me so! At first, I wrote a Haiku, but that didn’t feel right. When the idea of an Etheree came to me, I took a chance … and was more pleased by the message. Don’t you just love those white-tipped petals? They really stand out in that pot of pink!

    • Thank you, Cindy! I’ve never planted Zinnias before, and I’m surprised and happy they’ve done so well. I wasn’t expecting one to stand out, though!

  3. I love all of this! Not a waste of my time at all, Debbie.

    I just got back home from walking Yorkie at the bay sea wall. Thought I could rest my feet up and read one of my favorite blogs outside on the back patio as I was wondering about Monkey and you.

    I am delighted to see Ms Zennia. And the fact that you could write a poem about her that reflects my own feelings that I deal with about myself just stuns me by your beauty.

    Thank you for posting this!

    • TD, what lovely compliments you’ve tossed my way — thank you! I’m delighted you liked my post. As I mentioned, my first attempt came out as a Haiku, but I wasn’t satisfied with it so I kept digging deeper. Sometimes that’s the key, isn’t it? Digging deep to uncover just what we’re really trying to say. Have a wonderful weekend and give Yorkie a hug from me and Monkey!

    • Thanks so much, Ann! I’m glad you liked this one. I’ve never grown zinnias before, but gee, they’re pretty, aren’t they? Not that I’ve done anything special (other than water and fertilize, of course)!

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