Busy as a Bee

Take time to smell the roses and eventually you’ll inhale a bee.  ~Author unknown

There once was a bee who did think
From flowers he could steal a long drink.
He chose one and got busy
But left in a tizzy
Without siphoning any of the pink.

Note: This poetic form is Limerick (which I haven’t written in a long time!)

19 thoughts on “Busy as a Bee

  1. Well done, Debbie! I read this while having my morning coffee today and it instantly put a smile on my face!

    So clever you are with words. And the photo you captured is gorgeous. Beautiful colors!

    Have a super Sunday, my friend! X

    • Oh, I’m so glad this made you smile, Ron — thank you for telling me! Irish girl ought to be able to write a Limerick now and then, shouldn’t she?!?

      Enjoy your weekend. We’re awaiting a cold front — which, I hope, will chase away all this mugginess!! xx

  2. I love limericks, and sometimes they just come to mind. I can’t remember ever setting out to write one, but an occasional rhyme will get me going. This is a fun one — and look at those flowers! So pretty: and it looks as though there still are buds to keep the color coming.

    • You know, Linda, I’ve never planted Zinnias before, but I’ve found them extremely rewarding. They just keep blooming and growing as if they’re on a mission or something! And yes, those are definitely buds so I can look forward to more of this glorious pink!

      • They will keep growing and blooming. They were a mainstay of my grandmother’s cutting garden. Every Sunday in summer, they were one of the flowers I’d cut for our Sunday dinner table.

        • What a sweet memory! Thank you for sharing it. And for the encouragement — I really didn’t know what to expect from zinnias. Must be beginner’s luck!

    • Thanks for the praise, FF! Yes, we had a great time — of course, there’s now a little Monkey who’s awfully sad to see the FUN leave … but I keep reminding him Domer will be back (just not any time soon, sigh!)

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