Bunnies Times Two


Stretch up

To the sky

So I can reach

Something good to eat.

This green thing looks okay.

It’s not what I’d like, but it

Will have to do because I am

So very hungry and I don’t see

Anything else the lady has put out.

It’s raining and I have to wonder why

This lady has a camera on me.

Doesn’t she have anything else

To do with her time than click

At me when I’m hiding

Here beneath this bush,

Trying to stay

Oh so dry

In the



Note: Poetry form is Double Etheree.

25 thoughts on “Bunnies Times Two

  1. Lovely bunnies and your poetry to complement them! It’s always fun to imagine what animals are thinking about us and our world. I followed your link to double etheree and found the form fascinating. All those poetry forms listed on the website. I have to admit, I’d only known of haikus, sonnets and limericks before reading your blog.

    • You know, Barbara, all those required poetry learning segments in English class didn’t cover the half of it! When I started delving more into the various forms of poetry, I, too, was surprised at the variety. I like to challenge myself to try new forms now and then, just to see if I can write them, ha!

  2. I wish I saw rabbits more often. They certainly provided some delightful photos for you, and a fine poem as well. You probably know that the Japanese see a rabbit in the moon rather than a man. Maybe there’s a Rabbit Muse, too!

    • I’ve looked for that rabbit in the moon, but you have to be “creative” in your visioning to see it! I wish we saw more bunnies, too. Perhaps having Monkey patrolling the yard keeps them away. At any rate, they’re a welcome sight … unless they’re eating on my flowers, ha!

  3. I love this poem of yours and great clicks even with the bunnies knowing you were there, Debbie! Where was Monkey I wonder? Yorkie suspects Monkey was directing where to click to get evidence of the bunny thieves in his territory.

    • I’m glad you liked them, TD. Monkey was having a fit, trying to get to the bunnies before I could photograph them. He’s such a hooligan! He and Yorkie are on the same wavelength, though. He, too, think of bunnies as thieves in his territory!

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