Happy Fall 2022

The leaves, a few weeks ago so green and shiny and sparkling in the sunlight, have turned to yellow, gold, red and brown for the touch of autumn is a magic touch and autumn is in the air. ~Raymond Carlson, “Arizona Highways” magazine

Before Autumn can slip away entirely, I set out to capture some of its beauty. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed snapping them!

The first was taken Oct. 15, 2022, and gives you a long-range view of how some trees turn color earlier than others (did you notice the moon way up in the sky?):

Here’s another early bird, a sugar maple:

Who doesn’t love Fall oranges, like this beauty:

The following was taken Oct. 12, 2022. The sun’s angle was just right for putting a spotlight on this turning tree:

Trees really do march to the beat of their own drum when it comes to dropping their leaves. See how these two, across a street from one another, show how one is nearly bare of leaves while the other is in full color:

Here’s another brilliant yellow, taken Oct. 22, 2022:

And let’s not forget the reds! This hedgerow of Burning Bush offers a striking spot of color when Fall arrives. Doesn’t it look like a cartoon critter:

And how about this single crimson beauty:

The Fall leaves, when they’re still on their trees, are glorious, but remember, it’s not called “Fall” for nothing. Somebody might want to rake or mulch these:

Before I close, I want to share two special photos. The first is my late Sheltie Dallas in 2016, taken just four years before he went to the Rainbow Bridge:

Next is my Monkey, taken just days ago (he’ll be two in December):

Happy Fall, everyone!

36 thoughts on “Happy Fall 2022

  1. Debbie, the colors you captured in these photos are GORGEOUS! As you know, I worship this season, and wish it would last forever. However, if it did, I don’t think it would feel as “special” coming once a year.

    And you’re right, trees really do march to the beat of their own drums when it comes to dropping their leaves. Which is a good thing because we get to enjoy a “gradual” drop, rather than all at once.

    I especially love the photo you captured where the sun’s angle was just right for putting a spotlight on the turning tree. The cloudy sky in the background makes the colors pop even more.

    And yes, it’s not called “FALL” for nothing. One of my favorite things about this is season is walking through fallen leaves. I love the smell and the crunchy sound they make.

    Thanks so much for sharing this season in your area. I love seeing its beauty in all places!

    And the photos of your two precious Sheltie boys warmed my heart.

    Have a glorious weekend, my friend! X

    • Ron, I’m delighted you enjoyed my Autumn photos! Every time I get out and about, I see yet another tree that I wish I’d photographed. They tell us “peak color” will fade by next week, so I’m glad at least that I was able to showcase some of our beauty.

      You’re absolutely right: it’s a GOOD thing all the trees don’t turn color and drop their leaves at the same time. Wouldn’t that be awful?? This way, we can enjoy the season’s beauty for weeks, rather than days.

      We’ve had really high winds here of late, basically stripping our poor trees of their colorful coverings way before their time. It’s sad. And we’ve been told that 70-degree weather is making a comeback next week. Crazy! xx

    • Thank you, Dawn, for saying that about my two boys. I still miss Dallas (and know I always will). Having Monkey helps, but nobody can take Dallas’s place. Shelties just look so right when the leaves change colors and eventually drop.

  2. My favorite photo is the one of all the fallen leaves. The trees’ colors are beautiful, but those leaves evoke the smells, sounds, and fun of a kid’s midwestern fall. Dad always would rake the leaves into huge piles, and then let me jump into them — before patiently re-raking and burning them.

    I suspect that Dallas, and now Monkey, also enjoyed playing in the leaves!

    • Aw, thanks, Eliza. It’s not easy getting a little Monkey to pause long enough to take a photo, let alone a profile. Funny, but I didn’t even have to reach for the cookie-bribes this time either!

  3. The trees are beautiful indeed and I’m always jealous of the wonderful autumn colours you get in your part of the world. But the two dogs are even more beautiful! Lovely Dallas, and Monkey’s looking all grown up now!

    • Aw, thank you for that! Monkey is looking like an adult (but he’s got a LOT of “puppy” still in him!) Domer says Dallas looks rather “shabby,” but I think he just needed to go to the groomer’s. I didn’t realize your trees don’t turn color like ours do — I’m glad to share them with you!

  4. Debbie the trees in Chicago are gorgeous, but of course Dallas and Monkey win the Autumn photo surprise!

    My great grandma, grandma, great aunt and great grandma’s grandma’s sister-in all shared a “row type” townhouse when I was a child. My mother and her twin grew up in Chicago. I’ve heard many stories! And was fortunate enough to visit them there when I was a child. I cannot believe that I still have those memories but I do.

    When I was an adult I revisited the city during Autumn, the fall colors were breathe taking.

    Monkey has grown into that perfect age! So far no trucker treaters this weekend. We all shall sleep well tonight. Tomorrow night FRONT PORCH LIGHT WILL BE OFF! And we will be tucked underneath the covers!!!

    • TD, I never knew you had that Chicago connection — small world we live in, huh?! Yes, our Autumns can be breath-taking. Every season has its own beauty, of course, but I find it challenging to get out and about when ICE is all over the place!

      It’s a gloomy Halloween here, but Monkey and I will be safe and warm inside … I shudder to think what he’d do if he saw kids in scary costumes standing on his front porch begging for candy!!

    • Aw, I’m glad I could remind you what autumns are like here, Pat! Shuffling through downed leaves, glancing as far as the eye can see in any direction (now that most of the crops are harvested), crisp days and cool nights — just the best!

  5. Awesome colors Debbie 😀! I saw a completely yellow tree for the first time in 2005 when I was visiting Germany for work. In India, we don’t see the change of colors like in the colder countries. So it was a miraculous thing for me to see the autumn wonderland. Since that first time, I’ve seen several more of these colorful autumns and I enjoy them every time!

    • Thank you so much — I’m glad you enjoyed them … and that you told me so! Our Autumn has just been so gorgeous this year. I guess the weather conditions were just right.

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