Squirrel Hunt with Monkey

He that waits upon Fortune, is never sure of a Dinner. ~Benjamin Franklin, American statesman, inventor, writer, etc.

I Monkey here. Before Fall turns into Winter, I want to take you on a squirrel hunt.

What? You’ve never been on a squirrel hunt?

People, that’s crazy! Come with me, and I’ll show you what you’ve been missing!

Suited up and ready to go!

Keep your eyes open, now. I know, the leaves are pretty, and it’s a nice day.

Blah blah blah.

We’re looking for squirrels, not scenery. You can look at scenery later. Wait, there’s one right in front of us! I told you not to blink, didn’t I? They’re cagey little critters:

Do you see what I see? There, on the pole! He can’t be trying to hide, can he? Nope, I think he’s getting ready to walk the wire. He’d better hope his balance is excellent, or he’s mine:

I’ve found that squirrels are especially busy during the Fall of the year. Mama says they’re collecting and storing food for the long Winter months. Oops, here’s another one. Walking around in the grass like he hasn’t a care in the world. Huh, wait until he spies me:

This next one looks like he’s posing, doesn’t he? I’m positive Mama was baby-talking him. And I didn’t like it! I’m her baby, not some red squirrel (even if he thought he was being cute from his safe perch above):

Oh, look — what a courageous soldier. Of course, he knows where all the trees are, and he’s pretty sure Mama and I can’t follow him up one, so it’s easy being brave:

Here’s one of the Eastern Gray Squirrels. Mama says Illinois has several species of squirrel, but I told her you don’t need to know that. Bet you’re wondering — as I am — why they race up as high as they can when they see me. This one thinks he’s a fence-topper:

For your final viewing pleasure, I Monkey present — Ta Da — a yard simply FULL of squirrels. They were scurrying up and around a nut tree, and oh, did I ever want to chase them. Mama held my leash tight and counted at least a half dozen. How many do you see:

Time for my nap. Hope you enjoyed our excursion. Let’s do it again but next time, you bring the squirrels!

Note: Mama says The Kid (AKA Domer) is coming home for the holidays. She says there’s a feast involved. Not sure what that’s about since I Monkey was less than a year old the last time any feasting rolled around, and I was too sick to enjoy it. This year, I mean to make up for lost time! We’ll be taking a few days off — Happy Feasting!

34 thoughts on “Squirrel Hunt with Monkey

  1. Monkey, I’m sure Mama told you how much I love squirrels, so I need you to know how much I loved this post!!! I do the same thing, go on squirrel hunts in our parks. But I do it to feed them peanuts. LOL! And they are so people-oriented that they’ll take the peanuts right out of my hands when I feed them. How about that?

    But the for all the squirrels I seen, I’ve never seen a red one. He’s a beauty!

    Oh, and I see five squirrels in that photograph. Am I right? That’s what our parks look like here. Except, even more squirrels running about. You would go crazy!

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this post, Monkey. Fun! Fun! Fun! Thanks!

    And tell Mama I said, “GREAT photos!” That one of you standing amongst the colorful leaves is gorgeous!


    • Mr. Ron, you’re familiar with squirrel hunts, too? I Monkey think that’s great. Not sure I’d be eager to feed them though, heh heh!

      Mama told me you’re a fan of the little critters. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Mama says Shelties look especially handsome in the Fall. As for that last photo, Mama counted at least six, but by the time she got her camera working, some had scampered up that tree. It was a sight, for sure! xx

  2. Oh, reading Monkey’s post is such a fun way to start the day! Never a dull minute with so many squirrels around. And, Monkey, I must say you look especially fine when you are on squirrel alert. I counted four squirrels in the last picture, but I had to enlarge it. Have a wonderful feast day!

    • Thank you, Miss Eliza. I Monkey thought it was pretty successful, too … especially since it’s turned colder here and the little critters seem to have vanished!

    • Aw, thank you, Miss Cindy. I Monkey am glad you enjoyed our squirrel hunt. Mama says most squirrels don’t hibernate, but the colder it gets here, the fewer I get to chase!

  3. What a fun post! I counted five squirrels. No one is restrained by a leash at our house, so squirrels have to be really quick!

    Monkey, you are a VERY handsome fellow in that first photo!

    • Hi Kelly! I Monkey asked my mama, and she recognized you from FictionFan’s blog, so welcome! You’re probably right about the number of squirrels in the last picture, but honest, there were many more! Some just got spooked and raced up that tree. No leash? Wow, I only go leash-less in my fenced yard (Mama says Shelties startle and race away, and I guess she wants to keep me around!)

  4. So many lovely squirrels! But none of them are nearly as handsome as you, Monkey – doesn’t your lovely coat go well with all those autumnal colours! Have a happy feast day, and tell your Mama to have fun too. 😀

  5. If I had to bet on who wins the chases, Monkey, I’d have to bet on the squirrels, just because they can go “up” as well as “away.” That said, I think you win the award for beauty, not to mention dignity. Squirrels are cute and funny, but beauty and dignity will get you farther in life! Thank your mama for sharing the photos of your day!

    • Miss Linda, sadly you’re right. Those pesky squirrels can even walk across high wires! Poor little Monkeys like me can’t do that, try as we might. But I appreciate your compliments on my “beauty and dignity” and will make sure I point them out to Mama (who regularly reminds me what a hooligan I am!)

  6. Monkey, I wished we lived close by each other so we could go squirrel hunting together! I know we’d be very successful…… And trust me, you’re going to love Thanksgiving. Position yourself in the middle of the kitchen, where you’re sure to trip people and be able to snarf up the spilled food before your mom can stop you. Trust me, this works! Love, Finn

    • Finn, what wonderful suggestions! I Monkey LOVE being in the kitchen — so many yummy smells! — and yes, I manage to lick the goodies up before Mama can clean them (something special about being so close to the floor, ya know!). I hope your feast is extra-special, too — licks and warm hugs, Monkey

  7. High Paw Monkey, Yorkie here. A squirrel hunt?!? Count me in! I Yorkie smell six squirrels in that one yard. Four in the sniffs of the autumn leaves with two hidden in the oak tree.

    The Kid will be a fabulous welcome party times. I learned from my doggoships with Labradors to lay underneath the feasting table, well behaving for the love of momma-dog. The Kid will sneak fabulous turkey bites to you Monkey underneath the table without momma-dog noticing. And the Kid will hide the unlikable veggies underneath the a heaping pile of mashed potatoes.

    Monkey your momma-dog is very smart and will allow these sneaks without any unkind words because she will be over excited about all the lovely fun!! 🐾🐾 this feast will be better than 🐿. Guarantee from Yorkie.

    • Hi Paw, Yorkie! Wonderful suggestions here, and I Monkey appreciate them. I was too little to remember last year’s Feasting Day, so every bit of help my furry friends give me is valuable. I like sitting under the table and catching tidbits — my mama is a soft touch, and I know I can count on her to share! You’re probably right about the squirrels, too — besides the fact that catching them is so hard!

    • Thank you, Miss Barbara. I Monkey love to chase squirrels, but I fear they have an unfair advantage. I mean, really — they can climb trees, walk the length of my yard on a high wire, and jump fences into the neighbors’ yards. Huh!

  8. This was fun, Monkey. I like to watch and chase squirrels, too (although I mostly chase them with a camera since I’m getting too old to chase them on my own legs). You’re looking quite handsome next to the leaves. 🙂

    • Miss Tanya, I Monkey am glad to divert your attention from the bad stuff and craziness! I hope your face lit up when you saw all the squirrels Mama and I saw on my walk.

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