Merry Christmas 2022

This Christmas may you have…
“Walls for the wind
And a roof for the rain,
And drinks bedside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you,
And those you love near you,
And all that your heart may desire.” ~ Irish Christmas Blessing

Merry Christmas to all our friends! Monkey and I will be taking a few days off to celebrate with loved ones. We’ll be back soon!

28 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2022

  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS, dear friend!

    Wishing you, Monkey, and Domer a happy and festive time together.

    And I LOVE that photograph of Monkey posed next to your tree and wrapped gifts! He looks like a movie star — Lassie! (but much more handsome).


    • Ron, your compliment is going to give my poor Monkey a heap of confidence — thank you! It took both me and Domer — and several cookies! — before we got the shot we wanted. Happy Holidays, my friend!

    • Well, Linda, honestly this wee Monkey usually doesn’t sit still long enough for a photo shoot, but I think Domer and I had managed to tire him out this time. Oh, and the cookie-bribes came in pretty useful, too. Merry Christmas to you!

    • Thanks, Barbara. Not sure little Monkeys ever know one holiday from another (minus “Scary Boom-Boom Day,” of course!), but here’s hoping you’re right. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

    • Thank you, Dawn. I’m glad you’ll have a doggin in the house over the holidays (not the same as the Princess, of course, but perhaps this one will ease you through the sorrow until a new fur-baby arrives!)

    • Thank you, Cindy. Would you like me to ship you some snow? We don’t have any as I write this, but we’re expecting some (and I’d be happy to part with it, ha!)

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