Welcome, Spring 2023

In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four-and-twenty hours. ~Mark Twain, American writer, humorist, and entrepreneur

Raining again, Mama?

28 thoughts on “Welcome, Spring 2023

  1. Both Twain’s words and your photo brought real chuckles this morning. We’ve been swinging temperature-wise not only from one day to another, but often inside one day, so I know that experience.

    Now, I have to ask. Is that a real doggy style raincoat you bought, or something you devised? I suppose with everything else that’s available for pets a raincoat makes sense; it just never had occurred to me that such a thing would be ‘out there’!

    • Miss Linda, I Monkey am giggling over your question — as if my mama can sew, huh! The best the woman can do is mend split seams in my toys or sew buttons on. She missed that semester in school because of changing schools (or so she says!). Anyhoo, yes, indeed, that’s a real doggie raincoat! How do you like the “fishy theme”?? Mama brings it out during weather like rain (or cool, but not yet cold). I’ve heard some doggies get boots, but let’s not tell her THAT, okay?!!

  2. Debbie, that photo of Monkey is A-DORABLE! Not only the raincoat, but the expression on his face is PRICELESS!

    We too have been getting the strangest weather. One day it’s in the 70’s, the next day it drops down to 19 degrees (yesterday). We’ve also encountered rain.

    Thanks for the morning laughs, my friend. Happy Spring, and Monday! X

    • Mr. Ron, I Monkey am glad you got a laugh at my expression. I’m frankly tired of all this precipitation — and Mama tells me we might get four more inches of rain later this week. Good grief, I’ll need a RAFT!! Can you tell I’m not big into hoodies?? I’m fine with the coat — it does keep the wet off my furs — but that hood is another story entirely! Hugs and lickies xx

  3. Love that quote! I had no idea they made raincoats for dogs! It’s not quite time for April showers just yet, but it looks like Monkey will be ready for them, whenever they arrive. 😉 What a face!

    • Miss Barbara, I Monkey am here to tell you they have doggie coats on Petsmart, Chewy, Amazon, and lots of places. You can even find them at department stores and Target. How cool is that?!? I’m okay with wearing a coat — keeping all that wet stuff off my fur also keeps the blow dryer away (and I HATE that thing!!)

    • Miss Eliza, I Monkey rather enjoy wearing a coat. All that wet just lingers on my furs, you know, and then Mama has to bring out the blow dryer. Who invented a noisy contraption like that, I ask you??

    • Miss Laurie, I Monkey am happy to make you smile! Can you tell I’m not much into hoodies? The thing just keeps slipping down into my eyes, and I don’t like not being able to see where I’m going. Don’t tell Mama, but I’ve seen doggie boots around here somewhere, and I live in fear she’ll try to strap those things on my feets. Huh! Maybe I can hide them and she’ll forget such a silly notion.

  4. It really has rained a lot so far this year. Hardly a week has passed that we didn’t have at least once chance of severe weather!

    Monkey, you are a better sport about wearing “clothes” than most of my pups have been!

    • Thanks, Miss Kelly. I Monkey am not really opposed to clothes. Except for hoodies, which I obviously don’t like! And don’t get me started on those booties that Mama has tucked away — that’s SO NOT happening!!

  5. Awww, our little Penny-girl isn’t thrilled with rain, but she LOVES snow! I guess she’ll adjust as we move into spring. I, for one, will be glad the snow is finished…when it’s finished which I am sure is not yet here.

    • Miss Dawn, I Monkey haven’t really had much experience with snow either. Nothing like what Mama used to shovel when St. Dallas was here, anyway. But this rain has been persistent. And Mama said that after today, it’s supposed to rain for the REST of the week — grrr! Good thing she and the Domer-kid put that straw out in my back yard!

  6. The lovely Miss Lotte had a raincoat but she really didn’t like wearing it. She looked lovely in it. It was bright red and she was black. We got many comments when we were out walking. I think monkey looks great. Have you bought him a winter jacket yet?

    • Oh Miss Judith, yes, I Monkey do have a winter coat. In fact, I have a whole wardrobe of them! Mama doesn’t want me to get cold outside, and she likes to walk me every chance she gets. I never fuss about having to wear a coat either (it’s better than having to stay home while she walks alone!)

    • Miss FF, I Monkey am so over all this rain! Perma-rain is a good way of expressing it, too. I’ll have to tell Mama that — not sure she’s heard that expression before, but it describes what we’ve been getting to a T!!!

  7. Hi paw friend, Monkey! Yorkie here. I cannot say that I envy you having to wear a raincoat. Although you sure are handsome in it! I Yorkie do not enjoy wearing any clothes at all with one exception. I do love wearing my big pink rhinestone harness which always means that we are going on an adventure. To momma-dog’s disappointment I feel embarrassed wearing clothes, even her homemade beauties. There was one Tee shirt that I was willing to wear when it was cold. Mostly I wore it to please momma-dog. Other than my pink harness, I no longer own any clothes. As adorable you look, Monkey, in your rain coat, please don’t give my momma any ideas. Last hurricane season she was researching life vests and heavy duty rescue kennels. Momma must have had anxieties! She did find something she liked, but never got around to ordering it. And we didn’t have any hurricanes here. Dry, dry and more dry.

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