Singing with Abandon

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. ~Chinese proverb

Looked out
My window
And saw these two
Curious finches
Perched in a dogwood tree,
Glancing into the distance.
I couldn’t help wondering what
Their tiny, beady eyes were seeing
As they peered into space … and perhaps time.

Flitting from branch to branch, the two finches
Kept up a constant chattering sound,
Filling the air outside with a
Delightful round of music.
Would that people, too, felt
Free to sing their songs
Shamelessly and

Note: Poetry form is Double Etheree. You can find out more about this form here.

28 thoughts on “Singing with Abandon

  1. Thank you for creating such a lovely poem, Debbie! To think, those pretty finches had no idea they were the inspiration for your delightful words! It’s starting to look like spring there.

  2. Debbie, I LOVED this! As always, you have such a gift with words; painting the most vivid images of what you’re seeing and thinking.

    This is my favorite part…

    “Would that people, too, felt
    Free to sing their songs
    Shamelessly and


    And btw, I love finches and the sound they make when they chatter. They remind me of the song, ‘Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little’, in the musical “Music Man.” Lol!

    Happy Monday, my friend! X

    • HaHa, now I’m going to be singing “Pick-a-little, Talk-a-little” all day long! That was such a good show.

      I’m glad you liked my poem, Ron. Those finches are still cavorting in and around the dogwood tree, too. I’m hoping they’ll build a nest nearby, so I can watch the babies!

      Happy Tuesday to you. We’re hoping for a sunny day but bracing for end-of-the-week thunderstorms. Yuck, always in time for the weekend. xx

  3. How true! You put it so well. I remember this from Sesame Street. Back in the day.
    “Sing, sing a song
    Sing out loud, sing out strong
    Sing of good things not bad
    Sing of happy not sad.”

  4. What a wonderful Etheree, and such a perfect capture of the finches’ song. I’ve seen a couple around my feeders, but there’s no singing yet. Right now, cooing doves and a show-off mockingbird are providing the only song, but more will come. It occurred to me that our writing’s a bit like song. Feeling free to write without qualms is wonderful, too. I’m glad that you keep singing!

    • Linda, I’m blushing at your praise — thank you! You know, it’s thanks to you that I even started writing Etherees. It started as a personal challenge of sorts, but I’ve grown to enjoy putting them together. I’m a bit surprised you aren’t hearing more bird songs. We’ve got cooing doves, noisy jays, and plenty of cardinals already. And I’ve seen several chubby robins, too.

    • Dawn, that’s another thing we have in common! I, too, have always wanted to fly. Not in a plane, but on my own. I can remember donning a cape and racing down our slide, flapping my arms like crazy, hoping I’d take off! And it’s truly rare that I don’t have a song running through my mind and heart!

    • HeeHee! Showers are great for singing, you know. Something about the acoustics making the sounds bounce off the walls and help every voice come across as better. (Doesn’t hurt that there, we can sing with abandon because nobody is around to hear and critique!)

  5. A beautiful photo of a pair of finches enjoying themselves and each other, Debbie. Lovely poem to enhance their magic! TD

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