(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Watching the corn grow is part of an Illinois summer.

Here’s what one field looked like on June 6 of this year:


And, just three weeks later, on June 28:


In case you’re wondering, I measured one of the errant stalks:


A strapping three feet! And it’s not even the Fourth of July yet!

How Tall is Your Corn?

“Knee high by the Fourth of July” used to be the benchmark for farmers trying to determine whether their corn crop was on track.

And once upon a time, it was accurate.

That was before. Now, thanks to technology, farmers are able to plant their crops earlier, the seeds are sturdier, and the plants respond.

Check out this plot of field corn (used for animals, not humans):

Corn plants growing in rows

Corn plants growing in rows

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Walking with the Sheltie on an early June day

My friend Bella over at One Sister’s Rant recently posted about the beauty in her neck of the woods and suggested her fellow readers share photos of their world as well.

(I know, I know. This is the second time in a row that I’ve written posts based on others’ suggestions. I assure you, I really do have ideas brimming in my head, but sometimes a lady’s just got to roll with the punches! Besides, both of these ideas are too good to pass up, so here goes:)

Don’t you love this rustic gate?

Nothing like being under a maple tree, looking up through its branches on a sunny afternoon!

This little squirrel tight-roped his way to safety, pausing midway along the line to watch me and the Sheltie below him. I live in fear of what the Sheltie would do, should one ever drop off the line!

This poor robin didn’t make it. I couldn’t tell whether a cat got it or what. At any rate, the Sheltie strained at his leash to investigate, but no way do I want my boy sniffing dead stuff!

Around here, they say corn should be “knee-high by the Fourth of July.” Obviously, this is going to be a good season, for these corn plants are easily thigh-high and it’s still early June!

Do you love wind chimes as much as I do? There’s something mystical and quite relaxing about the sound they make when a gentle breeze blows through them.

An open red rose just begs for you to smell it!

Let’s wrap up our journey with a nice visit on this lovely bench. Can’t you see us sitting here, coffee (or tea) mugs in hand, chatting about everything? Or nothing?