What Goes In, Comes Out

I’ve heard it said that no good deed goes unrewarded. But I have to ask: Does this look like a reward to you?

Bird droppings on patio

After this week’s “Monster Storm,” I noticed a flock of robins racing each other to see who could find shelter on the sunny side of our house near the back door first.

Poor little things, I thought. They’re freezing.

Not having any wild bird seed on hand, I raced to the bread cabinet — nope,our loaf was too fresh to share and besides, no telling how long we’d be house-bound in this weather.

I checked the pantry. Pay dirt! A box of old wheat chex just waiting to be tossed out.

Not wanting to disturb the flock — which by now had grown larger and more sleepy-eyed — I went upstairs, s-l-o-w-l-y cracked open a window, and dumped the cereal into the snow.

Then I watched, eager for my tidbits to satisfy.

When the birds failed to show interest, I shrugged and went back to work.

Ingrates, I muttered.

Eventually, I had to let my poor doggin out to potty. The flock immediately dispersed, swarming to the holly bushes in one corner of the yard.

The bushes my late father insisted we keep so the birds would have something to eat during the winters.

Glancing around to see if all the stragglers had departed, I felt my mouth drop. Piles of bird poop covered the stoop, the concrete, and everything in between!

Grrr, I muttered, as I tossed on a coat and mittens, then tried (unsuccessfully) to clean the “potty.” I guess I’ll have to wait until spring, when I can put warm soapy water on it and do the job right.

In the meantime, since these fat robins are already dining on holly berries, they can just forget about my trying to provide them with a healthy snack.