Lump Day?

Yes, it's a lump!

Yes, it’s a lump!

On one of my regular walks, I passed by a house and saw this more-than-human-sized lump in the front yard, so I had to snap it.

What is it, I wonder?

I’m guessing it must be about 15 feet long and probably 2-3 feet high (it’s hard to tell just by looking!)

Nobody was outside for me to ask, so my imagination went into overdrive.

Was it a construction project of some sort?

A storm shelter?

Did this yard have moles — LOTS of them?

Is a small car stashed under all that dirt, a car the owners tired of because it never quite worked?

Was a whale washed ashore in land-locked Central Illinois?

Is it the burial ground of somebody’s lover(s) caught in the act?

Tell me, What does it look like to you?