Lump Day?

Yes, it's a lump!

Yes, it’s a lump!

On one of my regular walks, I passed by a house and saw this more-than-human-sized lump in the front yard, so I had to snap it.

What is it, I wonder?

I’m guessing it must be about 15 feet long and probably 2-3 feet high (it’s hard to tell just by looking!)

Nobody was outside for me to ask, so my imagination went into overdrive.

Was it a construction project of some sort?

A storm shelter?

Did this yard have moles — LOTS of them?

Is a small car stashed under all that dirt, a car the owners tired of because it never quite worked?

Was a whale washed ashore in land-locked Central Illinois?

Is it the burial ground of somebody’s lover(s) caught in the act?

Tell me, What does it look like to you?

20 thoughts on “Lump Day?

  1. “Is it the burial ground of somebody’s lover(s) caught in the act?”

    HA! That’s EXACTLY what I thought, Debbie! It looks to me like a HUGE burial ground of some sort. Almost like an elephant was buried there because it’s so BIG.

    Fun post! And I LOVE the post title! Clever!

    Have a terrific Tuesday, dear lady….X

    • It’s in the shape of a flounder, Ron. A very LARGE flounder! But I got a kick out of your suggestion that perhaps an elephant had been buried there. For sure, it’s a big enough lump for that! Thanks for stopping by, my friend, and have a fab Tuesday!

  2. Ha, looks like a load of topsoil that didn’t get completely used….one of those home projects that sounded better than it physically felt implementing!

    • Good idea, Suzi, and you just might be right. I didn’t see any buckets or tools nearby to indicate that, but that doesn’t mean the owners didn’t decide to hide them in the garage. Out of sight, out of mind, you know!

    • I’m guessing, by the fact that it looks most content where it sits, that they either tired of the project, didn’t order enough, or perhaps ordered too much! Thanks for putting it into perspective!

    • Hahaha! I went past it today and, to my amazement, it looks even bigger than before! Whatever they’ve got going on, I’m curious about it. And you know, with a nice covering of snow, it would make a nice ski hill!

  3. Looks like a lump that someone left behind when they’d had enough of the dirt they hauled in. Or someone’s landscaping “berm” gone wrong. A half finished project? A mound or lump begging to be planted in some hardy perennials.

    • Good ideas, Barb. I’d be the last to question any of them, for they all appear reasonable and logical. Somehow, the lump just looks pretty sad and abandoned, almost as if somebody tired of it. Or perhaps someone died with the project unfinished? Gee, now it’s becoming maudlin!!

    • No smell, unless you count that scent of dirt. But soon, when those leaves decay, there might be an odor. Hmm, or were you thinking of something dead beneath it??

  4. While it’s more fun to think of something nefarious going on, there probably is a logical (and legal) reason for the lump! (Though I do like the buried cheating lovers scenario :)) Thanks for the laugh, Debbie.

    • I’m rather partial to the cheating lovers possibility, too! But you know, even if they were caught in the act, I imagine it would be illegal to simply bury them. In town, no less!

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