Winners & Losers

Did you catch the Notre Dame vs. Boston College football game yesterday?

I watched the first quarter or so on TV, then had to leave for Mass (I listened on the radio ’til I had to go inside, and no, I didn’t even try to smuggle a radio in with me — everybody who knows me well knows I can’t listen to college football silently!!). When services were over, I flew back out to the car and tuned in again, making it home just in time to watch the Fighting Irish Band play the “Alma Mater” as the team swayed and sang along in gratitude for pulling out another victory.

These guys are really “come-back kids,” aren’t they? My dad always used to say, “It’s the true mark of a champion to come from behind and win,” but I’ve gotta tell you, this season is wreaking havoc with my nerves! They seem to wait until the last few minutes of a game to really pour it on — and thus far, the Luck of the Irish has been with them. Since nobody can count on luck alone, I wish they’d strike early and often, racking up points and getting decent leads instead of this see-saw action!

Oh, but it feels good to be on the winning side! For the past six years, the outcome of this BC game has found the Irish on the losing end, and they were certainly due a win. Still, in every competition like this, there’s a winner and there’s a loser, and nobody likes to lose. From an early age, we’re taught to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat, a lesson that, if learned well, will stand us in good stead for life.