My Favorite Domer tells me the trees all around campus have suddenly decided to drop their leaves, all at once!

Of course, this makes for lots of headaches for the maintenance crew, who probably find themselves in the position of salmon swimming upstream as they try to keep up with Mother Nature. At least they’re not having to rake.

When I was a child, I always used to think of Hell as one long life sentence of raking leaves. That was during a time when our fair community allowed residents to burn, and my mom certainly loved that! We’d rake leaves into huge piles or mountain ranges along the sidewalk, then mom would add a bit of lighter fluid from our summer charcoaling and strike a few matches. The flames and smoke would belch skyward, and we kids would race back to the front porch for safety!

Now we’re more enlightened, and our city fathers have banned leaf burning. Of course, that means some people refuse to do anything with their yards, and their leaves blow this way and that until they can find a fence-row to cling to. Other people have invested in mulching lawnmowers (like my dad did), and they’re the ones who can “kill two birds with one stone”! Frankly, I’m one of the people who can breathe better, now that burning has been banned, and I hope we never go back. If only we could just ban (or even restrict) burning on those portable fire-pits that cause all sorts of respiratory problems for those of us with allergies!

It’s kind of fun shuffling your feet through downed leaves on the sidewalk, though. Even my Sheltie gets a kick out of this! They make such an interesting swooshing sound, much like the sound corduroy pants make when you walk!

When I was on campus last week, the crews were using big blowers to push the leaves into piles. Since ND is so environmentally friendly, I guess they’ll turn these leaves into mulch or something. As for me, I’d hate the thought of having to rake a 1,250-acre piece of property!!