It’s been one of those days I’d just as soon forget! Nothing seems to have gone according to plan, and everything seems to have taken 10 times longer than it should have. Don’t you just hate that?

When I woke up this morning, I mentally laid out my day and proceeded to my first appointment. It was a good meeting, and I took away some valuable information. The only problem was it lasted a bit longer than I’d budgeted, pushing everything else back. After lunch, I started in on some Web Design work and that, too, took way longer than I’d anticipated (and I’m still not done!) Suddenly, I look up and find it’s dark outside, there’s a line of thunderstorms taking aim on my area, and my neck and shoulders are tight with strain.

Aagh, I think I’ll just call it a day, take a nice hot shower, put on my moccasins and spend the night with my nose in a good book! Now, that’s just about as close to Heaven as you can get, don’t you think?!