Don’t Worry!

Have you ever noticed that most of the things we worry about and stress over don’t ever happen?

Take this past couple of weeks, for instance. I’ve been (at times) a bit frantic trying to figure out how I’m going to get all of My Favorite Domer’s STUFF back home from Notre Dame for the summer.

Besides clothing, his video game system, sports equipment, souvenirs, books, etc., he’d purchased this beast of a refrigerator along with a huge rug for his dorm room, and it was these last two items that were giving me sleepless nights.

We’d hauled him to South Bend in one car. Loaded to the gills, of course, but looking no worse than any of his fellow students.

So how was I going to get him home with more stuff??

Remember, he doesn’t have a car as a First-Year, and no way can I drive two cars at once!

So I checked into U-Haul rentals. Not too expensive, but I’ve never driven a car with a trailer attached and was leery about starting now.

I checked into renting an SUV. Way more expensive than I was willing tackle!

I called the Registrar’s Office and learned that some of the dorms actually store big items for the kids, then return them at the beginning of a new school term. Cool. Too bad MFD’s dorm wasn’t on that list.

I was about ready to suggest the kid sell his precious beastly fridge and rug. Shoot, somebody would probably grab them up in a heartbeat!

Then I remembered he wanted that stuff for next year, and we’d have to re-shell out the money for new ones. Yuck.

Before I could despair, he texted me and said he’d found some students who already rented storage units for the summer and he was going in with them.


Problem solved.

Guess that’s why my grandmother always used to say, “Worry’s a sin. It shows you’re not trusting God.”

2 thoughts on “Don’t Worry!

  1. That story is so darn had me chuckling(because I could relate!)! We Moms are so good at losing sleep over (relative)minutia, while our offspring sleep soundly. Your grandmother was a very wise woman and your son had it all figured out all along..but how does a Mom stop that worry cycle???

  2. Isn’t that the truth?! If you don’t worry, you fear you’re being a “bad mom,” and if you do, well, what is it they say — worry is like a rocking chair; gives you something to do, but you don’t get very far! Thanks for reading.

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