Just lookin’ for some shorts

Why is it I always seem to want something nobody’s making the year I want it?

I’m talking about clothes.

If I want a red polo shirt, for instance, the designers aren’t showing red. If I want a zip-up rain jacket, all I can find are snaps.

I went on “a hunt” the other day for some denim bermudas. Not just any pair would do. They had to fit, of course, and just about every pair I tried on looked as if I’d poured myself into them.

Don’t look now, but where are all those super-skinny women? Not in my town, that’s for sure!

Besides fit, what I really wanted was cargo pockets (even one would do!) tucked along the side of the leg. For my cell phone.

How hard can that be?

They make plenty of twill shorts with cargo pockets; they make crops with cute little ties at the leg openings AND cargo pockets.

They make denim skimmers that skim your knee. And denim capris. And crops. And full-length jeans. And short-shorts.

But no denim bermudas.

Finally, I got the idea to check the men’s section.

There were my bermudas, with cargo pockets no less!

But how many women can really wear men’s shorts? If you get the waist to fit, the hips and seat look like the Jones family moved out.

And is the circumference of a man’s leg really that much larger than a woman’s?

No, I’ll pass on that!

So, if you hear of any place that’s selling denim Bermudas with cargo pockets (for women), let me know, OK?

4 thoughts on “Just lookin’ for some shorts

  1. Boy, you have hit on something. And loved the Jones family comment!! Here’s my thing: why are the sleeves on women’s polo shirts so much shorter than they should be? I don’t have tiny little cute upper arms. I have 55-year-old arms. I want a sleeve that goes at least halfway to my elbow, not adorable little caps!

  2. Amen to that about the sleeves! I’ve noticed that myself; not only that, but I just don’t want a stretchy polo. I don’t care how much the designers say it’s in fashion! I think you reach a certain age (40+, maybe) when you realize your body has passed the “cute” stage, but you’re NOT ready for “old lady clothes.” Who’s designing for us??

  3. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing exactly what you want and not being able to find it. I think the key is to stop looking and then when you least expect it, whatever it is you are looking for will pop up. Today there was a pocketbook sale from a traveling co. in the main lobby of the hospital. I stopped using a shoulder bag or purse 3 years ago when I developed shoulder tendinitis that took 3 steroid injections and months of PT to cure. Instead I started using a fanny pack. I searched high and low and finally found a suitable cloth one in Target..that disintegrated pretty quickly so I’m on my 2nd or 3rd one which is starting to go as well. Well, wouldn’t you know I happened upon this sale with no intention to buy anything and out pops a leather fanny pack with my name on it..I had to go back to my office to get my wallet to pay for it but made sure I snapped it up so they could save it for me..I have been looking for years for one..and today it just popped up when I wasn’t looking..so I guess if you are patient enough (or disgusted enough to stop looking!) your denim bermudas with the cargo pockets will just pop out at you! Good Luck, Deb!!

    • I’ve found that to be true, too, Kathy. Thanks for another perspective! It’s so easy to get “riled up” when things don’t seem to be going our way, when what we should be doing is chilling and trusting. You certainly were in the right place at the right time for your new purchase!

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