10 thoughts on “Halftime Show, ND Band

    • And you’d probably lose that bet, Oma! You’d be surprised how many of those guys marching all together look like Domer — I can’t pinpoint it, but they have a “certain look.” Still, if I saw Domer from a distance walking, yeah, I’d recognize his step immediately! Thanks for watching.

  1. Ah, those uniforms make it nearly impossible to tell who is who. And they are trained to march the same way – not their normal gait, so I’m not surprised you have trouble finding him! I enjoyed the video…thanks for sharing it 🙂

    • Thanks for watching, Janna. If your son keeps up with the Band, he could be doing this in a few years (but let’s not rush time, right?!). It still amazes me how they can bring together so many students from all across the country who have different marching and playing styles, then make them blend as one!

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