Somebody Thinks My Blog is Inspiring!

My friend Kathy recently included me in her list of seven bloggers to receive The Inspiring Blog Award.

Kathy, you’re a treasure, and I thank you most sincerely!

Now, this award brings a few “regulations,” including:

  • Share seven little-known facts about yourself
  • Pass the award on to seven other deserving bloggers

(What is it about the number seven and these awards??)

Anyway, before I expound on how prevalent “seven” is in the Bible, or in nature, or music, or whatever, let’s get to the facts about moi —

  1. My first car was a sea-foam green color.
  2. My first dog was a smooth-haired dachshund.
  3. I still have a scar on my knee from where I was trying to manually raise my bicycle’s sticky kickstand as a kid.
  4. I hate stupidity. And cauliflower.
  5. I find much peace being near water, though not in it.
  6. I was twenty-one before I got my ears pierced (just the lobes, thank you very much).
  7. I got my first drivers license on my sixteenth birthday.

Whew, that wasn’t easy. I probably should’ve added that I consider myself a very private person, so making lists for public consumption isn’t exactly a stroll in the park!

Let’s turn the page and get to my nominees for The Inspiring Blog Award. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Odd Loves Company. Katybeth never fails to make me laugh. Or think. And I admire that she blogs every day (sometimes more than once!).
  2. The Water Witch’s Daughter. Suzicate offers spectacular photography, poems, and inspiring words of wisdom.
  3. JannaT Writes. And write she does. Plenty of short fiction, poems, and entries into the Trifecta weekly writing challenge. Where does she find the time?
  4. My Inner Chick. Kim writes openly and honestly about the love she has for her sister, who was murdered going on three years ago. Love that deep is inspiring.
  5. These are Days…You’ll Remember. Terri works full time, has practically grown kids, and recently added a second dog. She’s also an organ doner. How inspiring is that?
  6. Marc and Angel Hack Life. These two offer “practical tips for productive living.” What that means is, you’ll find sensible suggestions for lots of things plus inspiration galore.
  7. God Speaks I Listen. Tanya is the wife of a minister and writes of her deep Faith and Love for God. Her writing inspires and educates.

If I’ve nominated anybody who’s already been selected, I apologize. The rest of you know what to do. Get busy!

21 thoughts on “Somebody Thinks My Blog is Inspiring!

  1. Why thank you! I’m so inspired! But what I really want to know is the name of your dog? Or at least a nickname. DomerDog just doesn’t do him justice. Foam green? Thanks for the honor! ♥

    • I’ve tasted it drenched in cheese, and that didn’t disguise it one bit. It’s just about as disgusting as Lima beans and Brussels sprouts — be glad you weren’t my mom trying to expose me to different vegetables as a kid!

  2. Your blog is inspiring, so congrats on the award! Number 4. made me chuckle 🙂 Cauliflower isn’t my favorite, but I’d take that over stupid people any day.

    I appreciate being included in your list. I have so much trouble coming up with seven mildly interesting things that people don’t already know. I’ll see what I can come up with!

    • Your seven things will probably be way more interesting than my seven things, Janna! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe how prolific a writer you are, especially considering everything on your plate — way to go!

  3. Congratulations, Debbie. Love the facts about you. I, too, didn’t like cauliflower, but one of the few things my ex did for me, was introduce me to curried cauliflower and it is delicious. He actually, through his special recipes, introduced me a to a number of vegetables that I still enjoy to this day. At least he was good for something. Besides giving me my kids, I mean. 😉

    • I meant it, Kim — you are awesome! Who knew so many people didn’t like cauliflower? I was afraid I might be stepping on toes and be inundated with angry comments calling me a veggie-hater or something, ha!

  4. Congratulations Debbie. Well deserved. While I don’t care for stupidity either – I do enjoy cauliflower. Just hate that it carries the burden of such an awful smell.

  5. Deb….nobody deserves this award more than you!! Congratulations! Also….thanks your for nominating me!! I’m so grateful and encouraged. You are my bestest blog friend!!! Luv ya’ girl!

    • Tanya, I meant that, you know — your blog is very inspiring! I know you don’t usually post about awards, but it’s kind of fun once in a while. I’m glad to hear from you, too — I’ve been missing your posts!

  6. Congratulations, Debbie! It was such fun discovering new facts about you! And now thanks to your list of nominees, I have new blogs to check out! Thanks! 🙂

    • You know, it’s not easy finding new aspects of me that I’m willing to share, Bella — glad to hear I succeeded! With all the fascinating and well-written blogs out there, we could literally spend all day reading and commenting, couldn’t we?! Then we’d never get anything done, ha!

  7. Congratulations on your award. You ARE inspiring, though I think if you put some cheese sauce on your cauliflower, you might not hate it so much! 😉

    Thank you for recognizing my blog as well! I am honored!

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