Where’s Spring??

How is it possible for it to have been snowing off and on for the past week, without having snow on the ground??

Not that I’m complaining — well, maybe a tad because the sky has just been so dreary, and we’ve almost forgotten what the sun looks like.

Still, I’m told we’re “springing forward” an hour next Sunday at 2 a.m., and if the past is any indication, that extra hour of daylight probably will translate to warmer weather. Or so we hope!

But it doesn’t have to be sunny out to get decent pictures.

In fact, professional photographers say the diffused lighting of a cloudy day can soften the subject, especially if you’re photographing portraits.

So I went outside the other day and snapped a few shots.

The hard part was braving the freezing temperatures and the blowing/spitting snow.

Not to mention the curious stares of the neighbors — all safely tucked inside their warm homes and likely wondering, “What’s she doing NOW?”

You’d think they’d be used to it!

Anyway, here’s a round bush dotted with snow:

Pretty, huh?

Pretty, huh?

The snow plows which cleaned the city streets after our last big (3.5 inches) snowfall pushed the snow into deep banks along the sidewalks. Guess they figure nobody’s out for a walk anyway. Since that time, the banks have turned into sloppy balls:

A deconstructed snowman, perhaps?

And because the snow was flying fast from the North, we got a row of evergreens that look like they’ve been flocked:

Christmas-y trees in March

Christmas-y trees in March

Mother Nature does an especially nice job outlining deciduous trees in white:

These tress are probably wondering where Spring is!

These tress are probably wondering where Spring is!

Darling Doggie Dallas accompanied me on my photographic expedition. You can see by his grimace that he’s not exactly happy to see the snow go. Every time I try to shovel it off the patio (so he won’t track wet into the house), he barks and fusses at me. Kind of like he thinks I’m the one who’s taking away all his fun!

C'mon, mom, point that camera somewhere else!

C’mon, mom, point that camera somewhere else!

25 thoughts on “Where’s Spring??

  1. Of course, we do have a bit of a problem with that time change = warmth business, because they’re been making the start date earlier and earlier over the past years. It used to be at the end of March, and I think I remember even the beginning of April. In the same way, it used to end in early October. Now, it’s early November. Well, at least it gives the bureaucrats something to do.

    Your photos look just like the ones I took of our last “big” snow. It’s been maybe three years ago. In coastal Texas terms, it was a blizzard! But it’s just as pretty no matter where it lands. Love the bare trees with their “frosting”.

    • Linda, you are so right — messing with time changes does give the bureaucrats something to do!
      I lived near the Texas coast for about a year, but we never had snow the entire time. I got very familiar with rain, however!
      The “experts” kept warning us about the “blizzard” that was on its way; all that was, was talk. Nobody who lives in Illinois considers a three-inch snow a “blizzard.” I guess their yammering did help empty the store shelves of stuff like bread and milk, ha!

  2. It’s the same here, Debbie, everyone one is eagerly anticipating the approach of Spring.

    Thank you for reminding me about the time change next week because I’m one of those people who seems to forget the ‘spring forward’ time change each year.

    “In fact, professional photographers say the diffused lighting of a cloudy day can soften the subject, especially if you’re photographing portraits.”

    Yes, you’re absolutely right about that. I used to work with professional photographers as a stylist on their shoots, and they always preferred cloudy days for outdoor photographs.

    Love your photographs, btw. Especially the one of the tree outlined in white. That always reminds me of icing on a cake 🙂

    Have a lovely Sunday, Debbie!

    P.S. your dog Dallas is so precious!

    • I’m going to have to remember that about the cloudy days, Ron. I tend to prefer taking pictures on a bright, sunny day, but I can so easily see that those are just the conditions that are harsh to human faces. And so many high school seniors are taking their senior pictures now, so it’s timely advice.

      That outlined tree DOES look like frosting — thanks for pointing that out! You must have been a good stylist because you have a trained eye.

      Dallas bows to your compliment!

  3. Lovely pictures…very brave of you to venture out into the frozen tundra and snap a few shots. Snow outlined trees are so pretty. It is only 28 degrees outside, but the sun is shining delightfully. I have given it several standing ovations just for showing up. My pups are all stretched out in sun spots soaking it.
    Daylight savings time again so soon? Seems like we just fell back. I’m looking forward to spring weather but can do without a hot summer like last year–it was just miserable and this years cold did NOT make me forget.
    DD knows your heart just isn’t in the cold…I can’t help but be amused at the idea of cleaning the patio off so he does not track snow inside….there are days we have more inches inside than out. 😀

    • We have sun today, too — yea!! I pruned some bushes and picked up the yard while Dallas was enjoying a Big Bone. We’re expecting more snow (ugh, when will it stop??) Monday and Tuesday, so I wanted to get the outside chores done.

      DD was standing on the only patch of snow left in the yard — must feel good on his feeties! He become a real tiger, though, when I get out that shovel (must be his herding instinct, ha!)

  4. Debbie, Thanks for the reminder about Daylight Savings Time. I know Punxatawny Phil predicted an early Spring but you can’t prove it by the freezing temperatures and blowing winds around here in the Northeast. Still, there is always the hope of Spring just around the corner. Your pictures are beautiful, especially, darling Dallas. Max, our Golden ,loves to romp in the snow, too!

    • Bet Dallas and Max would love to romp together in the snow! As soon as Dallas notices that snow on the ground, he races toward it and rolls around in it, his belly skyward and his paws flapping in the air. It’s just so cute — must feel good, too. I noticed tiny buds on our rose bushes today, so perhaps Spring won’t tarry too much — you’ve had more than enough of our miserable left-over storms blowing your way. Sorry about that!

  5. I’m so ready for spring, too! Although, as you seem to have figured out, winter isn’t all bad, especially when you get out there and find a way to enjoy it a bit.

    My Lucy doesn’t like me to shovel snow from the deck either. She charges and bites at the shovel whenever anyone tries to clear the snow away.

    • Lucy’s behavior sounds just like Dallas’s! I have to be real careful not to hurt him because shovels are harder than he thinks, especially when they’re loaded with snow and moving!

  6. I know where spring is – it’s in Arizona! It’s supposed to be in the high seventies until the end of the week. I’m so spoiled living here because we don’t do daylight savings time. I remember as a child, having to do all the clock resets – that was a pain. But I do remember being excited when the clock moved back an hour so it was like we got a later bedtime!

    I like your snow pictures – especially the ‘flocked’ evergreens. Snow is pretty as long as it’s in moderation and isn’t muddied and slushy. Dallas looks like he’s got the perfect coat for a cool-weather walk 🙂

    • He’d go walking every day if I’d take him, Janna. The problem is, it’s pretty hard to walk when the sidewalks are snow-covered and slippery!

      I know just what you mean about the clock-setting part. It’s not too bad advancing them forward an hour, but turning them back is a real nuisance (some clocks are worse than others, too!)

      If you get tired of your warm temps, just send them our way, okay?!

    • He does have that “winning racehorse with flower wreath around his neck” look, doesn’t he? I can assure you, all that white ruff is his fur. If I don’t keep his brushed out, it mats and then it’s really a nuisance! Funny, Shelties don’t really come into their own coat-wise until they’re at least a year old. Thanks for visiting, Monica.

  7. Pretty pics, especially Dallas! The weather has been crazy! We’ve had daffodils blooming for over two weeks and snow showers during the same time period!

    • You’ve got daffodils blooming? Oh, my, you might want to cover them this week because we’re sending you some more snow! I know, you’d prefer we keep it, but we’re tired of it and there’s nowhere else to send it. Sorry!

    • It’s been very wearying, hasn’t it? This late-season snow. But my doggin just loves it and the pleasure on his face when he goes outside to greet it provides me with an “awww” moment!

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