Happy Birthday, Domer!!

(My son — AKA My Favorite Domer, or He-Who-Won’t-Read-My-Blog — turns 22 today. This post is dedicated to him.)

Dearest Domer:

It seems like the past couple of decades have just flown by.

Weren’t you just born? Wasn’t I just rocking you to sleep, singing lullabies and ballads, then putting you down, hearing you cry, and doing it all over again?

Wasn’t I just taxiing you to and from school, watching you play T-ball when you’d rather be filling your pockets with special rocks and picking dandelions to give me afterwards?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I kissed a boo-boo, patched a scraped knee, cut your hair myself? Weren’t you just climbing into my lap for me to read to you? Weren’t you just learning how to ride a bicycle, begging me to “Hang on, mom!” until you got your balance?

Where did that little boy go?

Didn’t I just attend another parent-teacher conference, accompany you door-to-door on fundraisers, put together a Halloween costume at the last minute, and dream up something fun for you to do when you complained of boredom?

Weren’t you just playing a tennis match, testing for another karate belt, performing at a band concert? Weren’t you just at the dentist’s office, having your wisdom teeth extracted? Didn’t I just finish teaching you to drive, or dropping you off at college for the first time?

Twenty-two years has passed so fast (take heart, parents of young kids!). Just think of all the things we can’t do without today that weren’t around 22 years ago — Facebook and YouTube, iPads, cell phones, laptops, e-readers, debit cards, and disposable contact lenses!

And in a little over two months, you’ll be graduating from college and flying off into the world on your own.

Will my work be done then?


I didn’t know it when I signed on to be your mom that a mom’s work is never done! You don’t believe me? Why, it says so in the Mom’s Book (and you’ll just have to trust me on this, since you’ll never be privy to the Mom’s Book!)

But I’m not complaining — far from it.

I hope you’ll always know I’m there for you, kind of like a safety net.

I’ll always be your biggest fan, your champion, your cheerleader. If anybody dares to hurt you, they’ll have to go through me first.

Mama Tigress, Mama Lioness. Don’t mess with my cub!

And when things don’t go the way you hope, I’ll be right there with open arms, ready to comfort and make it all better.

Until you’re able to face the sometimes-cruel world on your own again.

That, I promise.

Everybody told me having a baby would change my life. I didn’t know how true that was.

You did, for the better!

If I had to, I’d walk through fire for you.

I love you that much.

Happy Birthday, my son!

Love, mama

34 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Domer!!

  1. Debbie, what a beautiful birthday post to your son!

    It brought tears to my eyes because I just recently loss my mother back in November, yet it’s as you said…”I hope you’ll always know I’m there for you, kind of like a safety net.”

    It’s funny, because I can still feel my mother there for me in spirit; guiding and supporting me with her love.

    A mother’s love is eternal.

    Happy Birthday to you, Domer!

    • Oh, Ron, I’m so sorry to learn of your mother’s death. I know you must still miss her terribly. I lost my dad four years ago, but even now, I find myself wishing he were here, to tell me one of his goofy stories, to offer some advice, etc. It’s not easy, is it, losing someone you love?

      Thanks for your well-wishes on my son’s birthday. While I can’t be with him today in person, I’m always there with him in spirit!

      Have a blessed day!

  2. Happy Birthday Domer
    I could so relate to this touching post, Deb, because I have a son who is also 2 months away from graduation. Although I don’t feel he will be actually launched yet because he is continuing his education for another year at another university. Boys may grow up and move away, but Moms are forever.

    • Thanks for commiserating, Pat! It’s hard being far away from our sons, but I guess this is what we raised them for, to leave the nest eventually. Still. . . .

      Best wishes to your young man on his upcoming commencement and the furthering of his education. Many of Domer’s friends will be on to grad school or med school; my son wants his MBA, after he’s been working a couple of years. Right now, he feels the need to spread his wings and make some money to pay back debts, ha!

  3. What is it about the rocks?! Maverick had rocks everywhere — pockets, paper bags hidden under his bed, his backpack. And not even pretty, round stones. Ugly, dirty rocks. My poor washing machine!

    Happy birthday to Domer and congratulations to his mom for a job well done and a beautiful birthday tribute.

    • Thank you for your birthday wishes for Domer — and just know that you’ve gone and made me blush at your kind words about my post!

      I really don’t know what Domer saw in rocks. Every time I asked, he just called them “special rocks” and wondered why I couldn’t see (or appreciate) their specialness. After he went off to college, I found buckets of ’em in his closet (not that I was snooping — I was merely attempting to categorize his memory boxes so they’d eventually be easy to transport to his “forever home”!). I’m somewhat relieved to learn he’s not the only one to find rocks so special — how is Maverick, by the way?? Did he like our advice?!

  4. Oh Debbie – I hope he reads this one. There’s nothing, noone anywhere, anytime, like a mother. And nothing so precious as our kids. I know “they” (those who’ve gone before us) warned that the years would fly. And they did. They still do. It sometimes seems like just yesterday mine were underfoot. Time does, indeed, fly on wings of lightning.

    • Thanks for understanding, Barb! When they’re little, we think the bottles and diapers and colic will go on forever. But suddenly, they grow up and become little people, with brains that you can almost see processing information. And then, all too soon (especially if you’ve had a kindred relationship) they leave the nest, and you have to try to figure out, What’s Next? What job other than “parent” is one where, if you do a good job, you find yourself out of a job, ha!!

    • So, our sons share the same birth date? How cool is that?! Tell your son Happy Birthday from me and Domer, and I do hope this is the start of a wonderful year for your young man! Thanks for visiting, Sunshine!

  5. Happy Birth Day Debbie and Birthday Domer. Great memories from the past..and great memories in the making—-watching your dear boy accept his hard earned diploma. And one thing that never changes is that feeling of overwhelming love we first experienced when we reached out to take our boys into arms.
    Big Birth-Day hug.

    • Kb, you’re sweet to include me in the birth day greetings! His birth WAS a big day in my life, too, as you well know. I kind of miss the celebrations we had when he was little, but Life moves on, I guess. I had two cupcakes for him at lunch — just what I needed, ha! Tell Cole Happy Birthday a day early from me and Domer — big plans to celebrate, yes??

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  7. Happy Birthday, Domer!

    What a lovely letter of love and devotion. No doubt, Debbie, you embarrassed him to no end. Btw, my daughter turned 22 last week. Kind of funny how much we have in common when it comes to our kids. 😉

    • We must be sisters of different parents!! Happy belated birthday to your daughter — I know you’re as proud of her as I am of the Domer. And thank you for making me blush at your compliments!

  8. Oh, Debbie, how precious and I can relate to every sentiment you have so eloquently articulated here.
    Happy Birthday Domer! And I hope you can understand that Moms love their children in ways their children can’t totally comprehend. 🙂

    • Well said, Kathy — I didn’t understand how powerful that parental love was until I had the Domer. I’m glad that something I wrote was able to evoke feelings of empathy in you — perhaps only another parent can understand just how fiercely we love our kids!

  9. Oh, this is so sweet…it made me tear up a little. Too bad he doesn’t read your blog. I’m a couple days late (that’s my M.O. lately) but Happy Birthday! Time does pass too quickly. I can see that even now. Ever since they got out of diapers, I’ve wanted time to slow down a bit but it won’t. (I think I’m one of the few moms on the planet that wasn’t crazy about the infant stage.) Your post is a reminder to hold on ’cause it’s gonna be a fast, crazy ride.

    • I confess I wasn’t a “baby crazy” mom, either — in fact, I think I only relaxed a bit when he got to the point where he was a “little person,” one I could reason with and have fun with! Thanks for the birthday wishes. You’re right, the next few years will FLY by, so enjoy every minute!

  10. Well, happy belated birthday to Domer! I’m sure it was wonderful, and I’m also sure next time you see your Mom you’ll get to celebrate the birthday all over again. Moms are like that.

  11. I’m wiping away the tears from your blog today….so touching as I too remember the early days of my kids youth and I miss it. Happy Birthday Domer! God bless you!

    • Tanya, thank you for your good wishes. We think diapers and lack-of-sleep are going to be our lot when they’re babies, but how FAST the time flies! Only a mom who’s been there can fully appreciate that, right?!

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