Sheltie Fun in the Snow

Dallas here.

Mama’s been shoveling ALL day, so I’m taking her blog hostage and posting my pretty pictures.

HeeHee, won’t she be mad when she sees what I’ve done?!

Yesterday we got this really big snow — somewhere in the neighborhood of a full foot of it, Mama said. Here’s what the trees in my backyard looked like:

Aren't they pretty?

Aren’t they pretty?

So Mama spent all this time shoveling and when she was ready to take a little break, she let ME come outside to survey her work. The first thing I had to check out was her tools, Mr. Shovel and Mr. Broom:

Interesting smells on this shovel, Mama!

Interesting smells on this shovel, Mama!

After I satisfied myself that she hadn’t been “cheating” with another dog, I decided to enter the tunnel. Wasn’t it sweet of her to build me a pathway? Probably had something to do with earlier in the day, when I got ALL snow-covered and she had to pick me up, carry me to the bathtub, wash me down, and dry me with the blow dryer, haha!

Does this tunnel make my butt look big??

Does this tunnel make my butt look big??

Being an adventurous sort, I decided to abandon the tunnel and strike out on my own. Mama wasn’t too happy to do all that work and have me venture into the snowy depths, to be sure. Mamas shouldn’t stifle their fur-kids’ bravery, don’t you agree?

Catching scents from far away!

Catching scents from far away!

Well, I turned again and again and this time, Mama caught me up close as I was watching for squirrels. Not too many stirring in the snow though:

This cold snow feels so good on my belly-fur!

This cold snow feels so good on my belly-fur!

Meandering past the frozen bird bath (and off the tunnel Mama made), I got a chance to play King of the Mountain. Watch me explore:

Marco. . . Polo -- got nothin' on me!

Marco. . . Polo — got nothin’ on me!

When Mama got tired of snapping pictures — and saw all the quarter-sized snowballs clinging to my underbelly — she called me back in. And here I was having so much fun. This is the look I gave her (think she got the message?!):

Mama, don't be a spoil-sport!

Mama, don’t be a spoil-sport!


22 thoughts on “Sheltie Fun in the Snow

  1. Adorably clever post, Debbie…oh, I mean, Dallas 🙂

    Great photos! Especially love the one of Dallas lying belly down in the snow. Isn’t it something how the coldness doesn’t bother dogs? Sometimes I think I was a dog in a past life because whenever we get our first snowfall of the winter, I literally love to romp and roll in it!

    Dallas has the most sweetest and loving face. What a CUTIE!

    Hope you had a super Monday, Debbie! It snowed here today, but it turned into snow mixed with rain, so now it’s just slush.

    Have a faaaaaaaabulous week!

    • Dallas thanks you for your kind words, Ron. I enjoy the cold weather, but I could do without all the snow and ice that goes along with it! In fact, if you need us to send you some — wait, Dallas tells me he won’t part with his beloved snow. Oh, well, I tried. Thanks for stopping by and letting my fur-kid entertain you!

  2. Sure is pretty, Dallas. Wylie would like to be there playing in the snow with you…she’s disappointed not to have any but her mama;s happy!

    • Suzi, I would GLADLY send you most of this mess (Dallas? Not so much — he loves romping in it!) A better idea would be putting Wylie on a plane and letting her experience its joys. Well, maybe not, since they’re promising us 50 degrees by the weekend — right!

  3. Wow, never knew Dallas was such a good writer! I am forwarding this post to my sister in Minneapolis, where it snows 6 months of the year. They just got a black lab pup & she has been facing some of the same challenges when it comes to dogs and snow.

    • Pat, your sister has my sympathy. I’d hate to try housebreaking a puppy in this weather! They have soooo much energy and they really want to romp and play in the snow. We owners walk a fine line (same as with parents!) in letting them enjoy it but keeping them from harm. Snow, as your sis probably knows, can be slippery on growing puppy legs and cold on their feeties!

    • Barb, your compliments are going to go straight to his head! I’m afraid he loved commandeering my blog and will want to do it again. Maybe when we really get some spring this year! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Such fun! Dallas described his adventure so well I almost felt I was there, but be careful give a pup a blog ……We had about 10 flakes of snow off and on all day. I felt like I was in a snow globe and someone kept shaking it. I’m so over winter.

    • You know, I wouldn’t have minded this three months ago, when we wanted a White Christmas. But, yes, enough is enough! We’ve got a bit of sunshine today, so maybe (with luck) some of this mess will melt! Meanwhile, DD is outside in it, cooling his belly on the snows — more work for mama, no doubt!

    • Monica, thanks for indulging my spoiled Sheltie — he’s busy telling the neighbor dogs about “his” blog right now! Do you see what Sir Henry started?!!

  5. Glad you enjoyed the snow, Dallas! And I’m sure your mama wasn’t TOO mad about you getting clumps of snow stuck to your belly fur. I’m sure she thought you were just so cute all covered in snow like that!

    • Well, yes, he IS cute like that with snow dotting his face, but his fur covered in snowballs? Not so much! That’s a lot of work, especially as he “melts” all over the floor, ha!

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