Walking on a Fall Day

I took a different route on my walk this afternoon, and was rewarded with some magnificent fall scenery.

Join me, won’t you? I’d love your company!

By the way, it’s about 63 degrees and rather damp, thanks to a dense fog overnight. You might want to wear a light jacket.

And walking shoes.

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One is NOT Necessarily the Loneliest Number

When we kids were growing up, our parents repeatedly told us that being happily married was the best state to live in.

The key phrase, of course, was happily married.

Which was obvious, since they lived together 60 years, until Death did them part.

But all of us aren’t that blessed. Some never find Mr. or Miss Perfect; others think they do but things turn sour.

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Isn’t it Time for Vacation Yet?

Dallas here.

I’m mad at my Mama.

For months she’s been promising me a l-o-n-g ride in the car.

‘We’ll put you in your crate,’ she said. ‘And go on vacation. All the way to Mississippi. You remember.’

Yes, I do. But nothing has happened.

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What Are People Saying About You Online?

The other day I was talking with one of my Web design clients about social media, and he adamantly informed me he ‘didn’t believe in all that stuff.’

(“Stuff,” by the way, is a nicer form of the word he used!)

Anyway, he’s a long-time businessman, so I probed a bit further to learn the reason behind his aversion.

Turns out, it was something I’ve wondered about for a long time.

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Dog Ownership: 8 Factors to Consider

While I’d be among the first to claim the pluses of dog ownership outweigh the minuses, there are some inconveniences.

Make that, nuisances.

If you’re considering adding a fur-kid to your household, you might want to factor in the following:

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The Rest of the Story

I read a lot of blogs and often find myself wondering how something turned out, the rest of the story, so to speak.

With that in mind, I decided to resolve some of the conundrums I’ve posted about recently and catch you up to speed.

1) Shunning. The last couple of times I’ve been in church, I’ve witnessed this family make a concerted effort to arrive early and grab a pew they all can sit in comfortably together. Those five kids are just beautiful, and it warms my heart to see them getting along! They probably squabble just like most siblings at home, but their differences shouldn’t be made public.

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Trying to “Steal” a Bargain

When I was about twelve, two of my cousins (sisters) came north for a couple of weeks to visit.

We’d only recently become close with these girls (long story!), so it was a treat for my sister and me.

We were like stair steps in age — but totally different in appearance.

As fair as my sis and I were (thanks to our blond-haired father), they were dark with attractive Italian coloring.

One day, we decided to go swimming. But back then, the pool required females to wear swim caps.

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Perhaps we need to re-think insurance?

Politicians are bent on making the Affordable Care Act a hot potato — blaming each other, describing (in inflammatory terms) how the government is being “shut down” and people “held hostage.”

How sad.

What they’re really doing is creating a smokescreen, proving they’re incompetent at what they were elected to do.

Sadder still is the fact that newscasters aren’t calling this law what it really is, an assault on FREEDOM.

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