Hurry up, Spring!

Being exposed to what might be the worst and longest winter on record has made me extra-vigilant about finding signs Spring is on its way.

I started looking when we were in Gulfport and was rewarded with this:

Tiny green Forsythia (?) leaves emerge

Tiny green Forsythia (?) leaves emerge

That’s not easy to see, is it? Let’s try another one:

See the baby shoots emerging on this bush?

See the baby shoots emerging on this bush?

Maybe you had to be there.

But this has been a rough winter, wouldn’t you agree? Even folks who normally like snow (and I’m not one of them!) are praying, Turn it off already!

And I imagine more than a few would like to take Punxsutawney Phil and fry him for dinner, for daring to forecast six more weeks of winter.

Still, Mother Nature knows that it’s time for new growth, and she won’t be thwarted.

On one of Darling Doggie Dallas and my walks before heading back to the frozen Midwest, we were delighted to find this:



And this:

Pansies surrounding a tree

Pansies surrounding a tree

And this:

Carolina Jasmine creeping around a mailbox

Carolina Jasmine creeping around a mailbox

But the most rewarding sight was this, and I dare you not to think “Spring” when you see it:

Look at those blooms!

Look at those blooms!

27 thoughts on “Hurry up, Spring!

  1. Oh, gosh. Even here on the Texas Coast it’s been – uh – less than pleasant. In fact, we’ve had another cold, wet front just roll through, which is why I’m at home and not at work. I think there’s one more forecast for next week, but then we should be done with it. I’ve seen some Texas dandelions, and a few blooming trees. It’s on the way!

    • Spring can’t get here fast enough for me, Linda. I’m so tired of snow and cold, so fed up with storms blowing through every couple of days. I want sunshine and flowers — and an end to this ever-present whiteness!

  2. How nice to see these harbingers of spring. It’s what I love about changing seasons – the absence of color and blossoms in winter make their return all the sweeter. And changing seasons remind me of the cycles in nature as well as life. What a beautiful planet we inhabit. Thanks for the peek, Debbie.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Barb. I, too, love the changing seasons — it’s just that some (like this winter) seem to wear out their welcome. We’ve had summers like that, where everybody is looking forward to cooler temps and wearing corduroy, yet all that lingers are 90 degrees and humidity. I guess it’s hard to please everybody!

    • Beth Ann, your heart isn’t cold, it’s quite warm. You just FEEL cold all over in this kind of weather. I’m not sure about fried woodchuck — I was kind of being tongue-in-cheek (just kind of!). Is there such a thing, or are Phil and his kind considered an endangered species?!

  3. Debbie it’s so funny because I just this second read a post on someone else’s blog that had almost your same title! I think everyone is ready for Spring at this point. We actually had some really beautiful spring-like days last week, however, the temps. dropped back down again and we’re getting more snow this weekend.

    GREAT photos!

    Stay warm, my friend, Spring will be here soon!


    • Ron, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one ready for Spring. I think winter has just worn on and on, causing so many problems (higher heating costs, ruined streets, a gazillion snow days for schoolkids, and decreased revenues for retail businesses).

      Hang in there — Spring technically is less than a month away now!

  4. I was cold today, bone cold, for the first time all winter. I think my system is fed up. It is always warm the first week of March. We’ve even had indoor -outdoor birthday parties but alas I don’t think it will be so this yea.r. Poor sweet Phil…I would love to give him a little squeeze …

    • That bone-cold feeling hit me right before Christmas (early this year), and I just knew I had to get south. The sunshine and the few days we had that were actually warm did the trick!
      So you’d like to squeeze the stuffing right out of Phil, too, huh? 🙂

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  6. Arizona managed to escape brutal weather. The kids were disappointed that we only got snow twice and it didn’t stick around long. It’s our first winter outside of the Phoenix area, so we did expect more! I like your signs of spring… hope you feel it at home soon 🙂

    • From the looks of things, only the west coast and the southwest escaped most of the winter storms, Janna. I have neighbors who usually “winter” in Arizona but, because of poor health, were forced to stay in Illinois this year — they picked a bad year to do that! Your kids would probably LOVE an Illinois winter!!

  7. Debbie, I’m sure spring is just a couple of weeks away for you. I feel it in my bones, considering we are finally in March! Here, we’re finally getting some rain. Lots of it and it feels so good!

    • I saw where you were getting much-needed rain — yeah! Maybe you’ll get enough to waylay the wildfires this year. Of course, storm Titan is wreaking havoc across the nation’s midsection, with more snow and ice — grrr!

  8. I have to agree. This has been the longest, coldest, most challenging winter I can remember. I too am looking for signs of spring wherever I can. I’ve seen a few robins lately. The local ponds are thawing and there was a flock of ducks swimming in one when I was out walking the other night. And the pavement is visible again! That may be one of our biggest signs that winter is coming to a close.

    Keep looking for spring, Debbie. It’s coming! 🙂

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