Holy Bird!

At Easter Sunday Mass, I noticed something dark atop one of the spires of the reredos (the intricately beautiful shrine of statues taking up the wall behind the altar).

What is that, I wondered, continuing to stare. Surely it hasn’t been there before.

When the thing started to move, I knew without a doubt — It was a bird!

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Why Do Catholics Do That?

We Catholic Christians have now entered the holiest time of the Church’s Liturgical year — Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday — also known as the Triduum (the Three Days of prayer leading to the celebration of Easter Sunday).

Each of these days brings with it special services and traditions.

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Ripping Dallas on TNT

Call me a prude, but last night’s season finale of Dallas on TNT proved to be raunchy, tasteless, shocking, and disappointing.

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Who’s Ready to Dig in the Dirt?

Spring seems to be taking its sweet time about arriving in Central Illinois, but that hasn’t stopped die-hard gardeners from dreaming.

Do-it-yourself stores like Home Depot, big box stores like Walmart, and even some grocery stores are doing their best to capitalize on that fact.

Witness some of these beauties I saw this morning while browsing at Wally World:

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The Value(?) of Book Reviews

“Open confession is good for the soul.” — Scottish proverb.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I hate writing book reviews.

There, I said it.

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