Buyer’s Remorse

Don’t you just hate when salespeople try to pull the wool over your eyes?

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Department Store “A” and stumbled upon a bottle of perfume I had on my To Buy list.

It was marked below what I’d seen elsewhere, AND I had a 20 percent off coupon.

The logical thing would have been to buy it. Right. Then.

But I’m not always logical.

I thought Department Store “B” might have it on sale, too, and I was going there anyway, so I decided to check.

To my dismay, store B’s price, for the same sized bottle, was a good $20 more.

Pointing that out to the saleswoman, I halfheartedly hoped she’d offer to match it.

(Ever the optimist!)

Instead, she wrinkled up her nose and proceeded to inform me there was “a reason” for store A’s “cheap” price.

‘We get people coming in here all the time complaining they bought over there but our fragrances smell so much better,’ she told me. ‘Do you know why? They let their bottles sit on the shelves forever. So scents don’t smell the way they should. They’re old.’

Well, yes, I suppose stale fragrances don’t smell the way fresh ones do. But store A probably sells just as many bottles of cologne as store B — maybe more, considering the prices! — so I can’t imagine them “sitting on the shelves forever.”

At my hesitation, she offered, ‘I’ll give you 15 percent off.’ That would barely pay the sales tax.

When I paused again, she pressed, ‘Do you want it, or not?’

I should have left. Why I didn’t, I’ll never know.

Instead, I forked over my store card and made a purchase.

I’m happy to finally own something I’ve wanted for a while, but I’m not happy over the experience.

Have you ever bought something you came to regret?

Corn Watch:

June 6, 2014 — 36 inches

June 16, 2014 — 48 inches


28 thoughts on “Buyer’s Remorse

  1. Well that wasn’t a very pleasant encounter! I’m not sure if you are talking about the first place being a “fragrance store” or not but while their prices are better the quality isn’t as good. I’ve worn the same fragrance for a million years and their is an absolute difference. And my Mom has found the same thing to be true. So while the salesperson should be schooled in making a customer feel special when she forks out hard earned money on a “special purchase” you may have ended up with the better perfume for 15% less.

    • Both were department stores, Katybeth. Both offer similar merchandise, ranging from clothing and shoes, to fragrance and cosmetics, to housewares and bedding. I’m not sure what I bought is “better” or not; frankly, my nose can’t tell the difference! Thanks for the tip about “fragrance stores” — I’ve seen plenty of them, but never bought anything there.

  2. I wish you would have left too – how rude! I hope you think of her every time you smell the lovely fragrance. 😉

    Are you counting the corn until it’s as high as an elephant’s eye?

  3. “Do you know why? They let their bottles sit on the shelves forever. So scents don’t smell the way they should. They’re old.”

    Debbie, being someone who is IN that industry, I can tell you that her statement was NOT true. Scents have a VERY long shelf-life (like FIVE years) if left inside the box. I have some fragrances that I’ve had for OVER five years and they smell perfect.

    The real reason why it’s cheaper in some places and not others is because some stores buy in LARGER volumes; therefore, they can offer their fragrances at a discount because they have so much. But it has nothing to do with whether a fragrance is old or not.

    And OMG…I probably would have turned around and walked out of the store and reported her to management if she had replied that way to me. How rude of her.

    Anyway, I’m glad you finally got a fragrance that you wanted. I love fragrance and wear it everyday.

    Great post, my friend…X

    • Ron, thanks so much for your expertise. Something about her statement just struck a chord in me — it *felt* wrong, first of all, and it was rude, to boot.

      I know times are tough, but retail employees really shouldn’t be instructed to offer blatant LIES to customers. And I’m still kicking myself for being gullible and going along with it! After all, it’s not like she forced me to buy!

      Thanks for dropping by and letting us know that most fragrances can last longer than we might think, especially if kept in their boxes. Happy Wednesday to ((((YOU!))))

  4. I know how it is to have people intimidate you into a sale…and almost always I regret it. I’m getting stronger about walking away though. There really are some people who should not be working in the sales industry; they’re just not people friendly, and it sounds like she is one of them. Sorry you experienced this.

    • Thanks for empathizing, Suzi. It’s funny — I never think of myself as being a “sheep” but I guess I was this time. The only thing I can hope is that I’ve learned a lesson and won’t repeat my mistake!

  5. I’ve been ‘bullied’ into purchases before and it’s aggravating. (I don’t know if your coupon was for Kohl’s or not, but I’ve found their sales added to discounts are better than anywhere else… and I haven’t had a problem with the scents not lasting.) I hope you are able to enjoy the perfume in spite of the experience!

    • Store A, the store where I didn’t buy, actually was Kohl’s (good guess, Janna!). I’ve always had good luck there — reasonable prices, friendly clerks, big discounts, good selection. Why I didn’t buy this perfume there just bewilders me. I’m trying to enjoy my purchase in SPITE of the rude woman at Store B!!

  6. Return it, Debbie. She was rude and it’s not worth it. Every time you use the perfume, you’re going to remember this incident and it’s going to leave a bad scent in the air. Return it, for even if all they give you is a store credit, it’s worth returning. Also, if you speak to the manager and tell them what happened, they may even give you a gift card for your trouble. Remember, the customer is always right.

    Besides, Ron is right about the scent. I’ve had some perfumes forever and they smell the same as they did the day I bought them.Good luck!

    • That’s my first inclination, Monica, but I just don’t think I can. You see, I’ve already opened it and tossed the box AND I’ve already been using it for more than a week! I still enjoy the scent and am trying to forget the nasty sales clerk — though perhaps remembering the experience will impress upon me how loathe I am to repeat it!!

  7. What works for me is to go “shopping” for clothes and other big items without money or credit cards. Then, if I really love something I’ll go back for it. That way I can’t be pressured or make impulse purchases. When I’m still dreaming of something 3 days later, I know it’s something I’ll probably never regret buying. xxx

    • Good suggestion, Jann, one I probably should adopt. I can’t call it an “impulse” purchase, though, because it’s something I’ve been wanting for at least six months. I guess the only impulse was in purchasing it at the second store (at a higher price) rather than the first one. I really SHOULD have gone back!

  8. “Do you want it, or not?”

    “NO, Madam, you are rude and I’d rather go without perfume than buy from you!”

    Debbie, I’d rather STINK than buy perfume from that horrible woman.

    xxx HAPPY WED.

    • Kim, I admire your strength — would that I’d told her I’d rather STINK than buy from a rude sales clerk! Guess that would have told her, ha!
      And you know, it’s not like I didn’t have options. Why, I had other colognes first of all; and there were other stores selling this same fragrance. Sigh.
      Kicking myself and learning from the experience. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I don’t do well with strong-arm tactics, so I probably would have been out of that store in a flash. But I mostly don’t go shopping, so I avoid a lot of unpleasantness like this that I hear my friends talk about, too.

    I say use the perfume and enjoy it. And, when it’s time to replace it, go to a different store.

    As far as your question — have I ever regretted buying anything? Just a line from a guy when I was too young to know better.

    • Ha, haven’t we all?!
      Yes, I’ve pretty much decided to go ahead and enjoy my perfume. Was it more than I wanted to spend? Definitely. Does it still smell wonderful? Absolutely. I can’t help that that clerk was rude, but I can excuse her. Perhaps she wasn’t properly trained; perhaps she’d received bad news and was taking it out on everybody. Not cool, of course, but more understandable (and it opens the way for me to enjoy my purchase without letting the experience rule!)

  10. 😦 Sounds like a terrible experience. She sounds like a bit of a bully, especially with the ‘Do you want it, or not?’ Sheesh! Potentially lying to a customer and then being pushy are not qualities us consumers appreciate it a sales person!

    BUT – on the upside, you have got the scent and I’m sure it’s lovely.


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