21 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Thursday

  1. *clapping*

    Debbie, this photograph is sooooooo beautiful!!! I adore fog and how it makes everything look…..mystical!

    Well done, my friend! Beautiful capture!

    P.S. It’s so ironic you posted this because last night it was very foggy here in Philly as well.

    • Ron, you make me blush at your praise! This has to be one of those “dumb luck” shots — the way the sun looked behind that fog, the eeriness of the trees still in shadow — it turned out way better than it should have, no thanks to me!

      Be safe driving in that mess — I don’t know why the worst weather tends to bring out the very worst drivers, ha!

      Happy weekend to you!

    • Early morning *is* peaceful, Monica. Before the birds start squawking, the dogs start barking, lawnmowers humming, people stirring. You’re right, power lines that aren’t buried are archaic (no wonder we lose electricity in nearly every storm!)

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